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Save Six Songs


If you could only listen to six songs for the rest of your life... what would you choose?


Join me to peek through the window into our weekly guest's life, as we discover more about their relationship with music, and why they have chosen the songs that they did. Undoubtedly there will be witty banter along the way, as well as some incredible tunes. It's really something you wouldn't want to miss.


I love to hear from people from all walks of life. If you'd like to join me on my show, why not get in touch? You can contact me via my page in the "Sport" section. But the question remains...


...what will you save?







Matthew Keel

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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
24808 1. Nov 2023 6
24909 2. Jan 2024 7
25068 3. Apr 2024 3

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