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URY Speech presents: Halloween Happenings Logo

URY Speech presents: Halloween Happenings

Saturday, 10 Nov 2018

Tune in for a spooky show full of ghosts, ghouls and terrifying stories.  This live performance of a selection of haunting radio dramas is not to be missed, and will leave you shivering with fright!

Technophobia Logo


Friday, 8 Jun 2018

The Speech teams latest radio drama Technophobia (written by Joe Dolan) is an emotive and intense listen, which questions the costs of technological advancement in our society, and the impact it may have on us in the future.  Starring Claire Geller, Leo Clasen and Ella Rainbird-Earley.

Roses 2018 - York Sport Report Logo

Roses 2018 - York Sport Report

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Covering Friday of Roses 2018 from Lancaster!

Stage - Week 3 Summer Term (2018) Logo

Stage - Week 3 Summer Term (2018)

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Carrie, Jacob, and Andreane chat about the latest DramaSoc production, 'Check, Please!'. Henry Fairnington, director of next week's DramaSoc show, chats about the rehearsal process for 'The Bacchae'. Also joining us are some of the pool of directors, Zach Pierce and Jessy Roberts, to promote their production of 'Shoot / Get Treasure / Repeat' at TFTV.

Stage - Week 9 Spring Term (2018) Logo

Stage - Week 9 Spring Term (2018)

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018

Tom Gardner and Andreane Rellou review shows from DramaSoc and CHMS. Recorded on 10th March at 2pm.

Let's Talk: Superheroes Logo

Let's Talk: Superheroes

Thursday, 8 Mar 2018

The first in the 'Let's Talk' series, where the URY Speech team discuss all things film.  In this episode, we talk about superhero films and how they are affecting the film industry.  Are superhero films all spectacle and no substance? Tune in to find out our thoughts.

URY Gender Panel: They, Them, Their Logo

URY Gender Panel: They, Them, Their

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017

After we made the Gender Documentary, we had a panel to discuss some of the questions raised.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the different types of identity, and to address related topics such as the representation of gender in the media, politics, and law, as well as looking at the history of gender and personal perspectives from students.

The Great North Run Logo

The Great North Run

Monday, 20 Nov 2017

On the morning of The Great North Run, a family eagerly try and watch the race on TV, in the hope of seeing Daniel, the youngest member of the family.  Unfortunately they keep getting distracted.  Whether its arguing over jobs, or working through deeper issues the family has, you will become engrossed in the day to day lives of the household.  With a huge cast and a good mix of humour and drama, this is definitely a story to tune in to.  

Written by Joe Dolan and Directing and Sound Engineering by Beth Wiffen. 

Cast include Sienna Lucrezia as Mum, Beth Prior as Carol, Leo Clasen as Mike, Matthew Chesters as Dad, Dominic Gould as Daniel, Marco Ross as the Announcer and Weatherman, Claire Geller as the Reporter, Kieran Cockburn as the Historian, Euan Brook as the Interviewer, Isaac Saward as the Interviewee and Ella Rainbird-Earley as the Girlfriend.