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URY Speech: The Sunday Roast
An hour of original comedy, debate, drama and more from the URY Speech Team. To find out whats coming up this week head over the the URY Speech page!
That's What She Said

"That's What She Said" is URY's alternative woman's hour, brought to you by the YUSU women's network. We talk feminism, play great music to celebrate female musicians and bring you the latest news from the world of women's issues. Want to join the conversation? Chat to us on twitter using #shesaidURY

Tweedle Dum, De and Me

Show comprising 3 final year undergraduates taking a look at that inevitable question of 'what next?'... through the medium of entertainment. Alongside a special guest each week (we'll sort these- people with varying weird and wonderful things lined up for them after uni), we'll look to sift through one more potential life choice every week as we count down towards the end of university. The planned format of the show will look to include an interview with our special guest as they join us for a whole host of potential silly features including: 

- Helen and Judy's travelling tips. Being seasoned travellers of Asia, the pair will reveal another wacky story from their travelling experiences each week. 
- 'Fit it in my Fro' - special guest will look to fit a different object each week into Joe's afro. Feature will also include leaderboard based on nature of object chosen and how many they managed to fit in his hair.
- 'Joe's chimes' or a title to that effect. Comic song, recorded specially for the show every week, written by Joe on a subject messaged in to the show/something to do with the idea of 'what's next?'
- Interview with our special guest on what his/her plan is for next year and/or what they are currently doing having now graduated. Many exciting people lined up!
- 'Decipher Judy/Helen' or title to that effect- feature involving Joe/listeners attempting to guess certain scottish accented words in English or Gaelic.

Show's music will probably be around 6 songs and will be a competition between Joe, Helen and Judy (2 songs each) on who has picked the best music for that day. Potentially based around the 'what next' theme for that show! 

In a nutshell, light-hearted entertainment show looking at the serious question of 'what's next?'. Aimed then at current final years but also applicable for all years. Will also look to have jingle for the show- playing on idea of 'tweedle Dum' (Helen/Judy), tweedle De (Helen/Judy) and Me (Joe).

Building Bridges - The Road to Rock and Roll

Who said rock needs to be moody and agressive? In this show I play radio friendly, fun rock music in an effort to encourage pop listeners to branch out. With occasional theme shows such as woman rock stars only, or a celebration of great Guitar Solos, this shows ams to deliver a fun way for the casual music consumer to discover a new genre!

Grumpy Youngish Men

Get rid of those Tuesday blues! Two blokes, one woman,  and maybe the odd guest, getting the gripes of the week out of the way with some banging tunes. We want to hear what's really got your back up.

Message in with your complaints/requests on the site or contact us on Facebook: http://m.me/grumpyyoungishmen.

Rockin' All Over The World

From Manchester to Melbourne, Cockermouth to Cairo and Brighton to Beijing, Rockin' All Over The World will take on a brand new destination every week. Join Lottie, Rosie and Alex as we consider the tunes and culture of each week's location in a fun filled hour of enjoyment, discussion and debate. 

The Big Fat Wood E Farewell

The time has come for the members of Wood E to say farewell, and move on to more expensive housing next year. Join most members of the most iconic house in the most iconic college (up the fax), as well as a random bloke we picked up outside James College, who will not leave us alone...help. 

We will reflect upon the ups and downs, the Flares shenanigans, the Guinness guzzling, the GARRYs, the late night karaoke and the thing that brought around 72% of us together...URY. 

Make sure not to miss it, it will be an emotional one.


Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

The Christmas special of Rockin' All Over the World!

Tune in as Lottie, Rosie and Alex play their favourite songs from the North Pole, with some festive trivia and chats about their Christmas traditions.