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The Saturday Night Slowdown

Tired of big nights out and loud, irritating music? Wish that you could just spend Saturday evening relaxing in bed or playing video games? Well, here's the perfect excuse! Tune in and space out to the sounds of the newest, most chill electronic music with Will "voice like liquid gold" Oldfield. So, spend your saturday evening in style - sit back, unwind and enjoy!

Transmission's Midnight Tales

Join Sophie and James for a special late night Transmission. Back in our original slot, we will be telling tales of musical history and playing hosts of classic tracks. Potential themes for each show are the stories of iconic bands, musicians or albums, the evolution of genres and record labels.

(( URY Music )) : Bedtime Mix

An hour of calming music to help you unwind, brought to you by the Music Team.

URY:PM - Midweek Unwind

Are you flagging already? Join Alex Kneller as he gives you a percolating concoction of great music and chatter to get you through the rest of the week!


A cosy bedtime show hosted by Teddy (the titular bear), featuring gentle music and a little chatter to help you unwind and get ready for bed. 


Join us for a chill chat session - we'll be talking about our experiences entering young adult life as well as playing some songs that we've recently been having on repeat - tune in if you need to escape for a while for some advice, real talk and discovering something new to add to your playlist.