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Live At The Witch Trials
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride into the darkest depths of underground music. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone. From psychedelia to hip-hop, doom metal to girl group pop, and post-punk to jazz, we'll be playing you the past, present and future of all the music your mother warned you about, right on past witching hour...
Mind The Gap
Underground music for beginners
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
That Late Late Underground Sound.

Can't sleep? Feel the need to listen to some really odd music in the early hours of the morning? This is the show for you. Join me as I play an eclectic mix of underground music, ranging from brass house , to expermental hip-hop, to math rock and North African electronic jazz funk stuff. It will be eye opening. If you need someone to talk to and you don't want to ask one of your flatmates how to use a tin opener, I've got that covered too. Jim.  x