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Lucky Punk
A diverse, bizarre tribute to ecleticism with words, guests and banter. Every week me and a guest will be honing in on certain music genres and movements, with focuses upon labels, aesthetics, cultures and so on. Then we'll spring you a few surprises. Maybe.
Purple Haze

Rock & Roll, blues, jazz, soul, classic rock, indie, electro, hip-hop and much more. 4 presenters bringing their favorite stories and news from music and looking for the hottest gigs worth going to. 

The Perfume Lake
A tribute to the late great John Peel. In our show we take inspiration from Peel and deliver a vast range of music from across the decades.
The Kerrang! Radio Tribute Show

To quote Tenacious D, "This is not the greatest radio show in the world. This is just a tribute."

I'll be bringing you a selection of Rock, Punk, Alternative, and everything inbetween, as heard this week on the great Kerrang! Radio. Live life loud!

A Tribute To Radio Free Europe

This show will pay a tribute to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the propaganda station that started during the Cold War and is still on air in some countries. Eevery week we'll learn of a short interesting story from RFE's golden days. For each show we'll have music from a different decade.

Ashes to Ashes - A Tribute to David Bowie

We look back at the life and work of David Bowie, looking through URY presenters own personal memories, favourite songs and his amazing influence on the world of music today. 

Looking from his earliest singles in 1967 all the way to his most recent album Blackstar, we'll dig deep in to our archives and find the best songs Bowie both sang on, produced and wrote.

Are you seriously telling me that the entire schedule for Thursday is empty?

I volunteer as tribute... I guess?


A tribute to musicians and artists spanning enough variety to legally broadcast, picking the best of everything they've been a part of


How do you describe a film without explaining anything that happens in it? What do you do when you can't just play the complete soundtrack without being awkwardly screamed at by a joint degree maths-comp.sci student? This