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Black Lodge
Some of my favourite music, occasionally themed
No Show Scheduled
The music library is set to shuffle, in a vaguely themed evening of badinage, music and general bardic goings-on.
Rhythm is our Business
A themed selection of old-time songs.
Soundtrack Sensations
Filling your head with soundtrack music from film, TV and musicals. The show offers a variety of genre with special themed shows such as "Movie Madness", "Total Television" and "Sci Fi Invasion". The show also includes a run down of the latest blockbusters in the charts and reviews of films old and new with some movie gossip and fun film facts. So sit back and grab the pop-corn, you will be entertained.
The Duke and The Roses
Roses special with Steve (off the Duke and the Raven) and Rob (off Short and Snappy). Expect Roses-themed versions of the best bits of the presenters' respective shows.
The Jon Cook Experience
An exciting, new, themed music hour, sure to delight the whole family.
The Wordsmiths World of Words
Every week we the show will be themed around a different letter of the alphabet. like seasame street. But on the radio. With music.
Speed of Life

A carefully curated selection of broadly "alternative" (whatever that means) tunes from the classic to the eclectic, with a special nod of fondness to the arty and pretentious. Yes, "classic alternative" is kind of a contradiction in terms, but here at Speed of Life, we embrace paradox to the point of meaninglessness. Occasional themed weeks provide welcome respite from the usual swirl of chaos.

The Waldorf and Statler: 50 Years

The old guys are back, but will you still love us now we are 64?  For
tonight's show Kim and Richard are departing from their usual '50 years'
format for a looser themed selection.  There's still likely to be  plenty of
music that featured in their 1976 shows (yes, they really are that old), but
at least Richard will try to show they haven't completely lost touch with
current music. No origami this time.


If you enjoy tv, be it online or on the actual television then go no further, this is the show for you. Join Josh as he reviews and discusses all sorts of programs as well as a big series every week with music and challenges themed around them. Who knows, if you like a specific show you may be able to become a URWatcher and come on the show yourself!

Conspiracy Corner

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is an area which we call the Conspiracy Corner.

Join us on our journey as we explore a different conspiracy theory every week. We'll also have guests, games, themed music and the chance for you to call in and give us your two pence.  

The Dan & Tom Show

The best bits of self-depricating, woeful humour between Dan and Tom as we do a weekly music themed quiz with the occasional guest. Tune in for easy listening if you enjoy Radio, quizes, and good stuff.

The Bois

Somehow we were let back into the URY studio, with a new show filled with music from various themes, and maybe some features to spice up your listening pleasure!

Nouse: For Your Consideration

Shooting the breeze about the silver screen with a bit of healthy competition to stir the pot. The finest of York's student media's battle it out to see who has the biggest film mind week after week. In affiliation with Nouse.

Pride Special 2019

To celebrate Pride month we will talk about queerness, what pride means to us and play some funky lgbt+ themed music! 

Themed Tunes

Join Sarah and Keoni chatting absolutely wham with themed episodes, music and games.

Ping us a message at ury.org.uk or text in on 07851 101 313.

A Classical Breadtime

Bread is very underrated - but I think it's great! Join me as I discuss different types of bread and wonder if there are any bread-themed songs on the system.

Just The Q Of Us

Join Q as they play a vaguely related assortment of music once a week, hopefully without accidentally destroying anything in the studio.


Book club Radiowave

Every week will be a setlist of songs themed around a particular book trying to capture the mood and vibe of said book. Essentially this is my way of talking about the books I'm reading without annoying my friends! Feel free to read each weeks book as they will be posted on Instagram @bookclubradiowave 1 week before the show!

Results day with Jess

Join Jess 10-11 for an a level results day themed show! 

Society Hour: Formula Student

We are york formula student. We are a society who are planning to enter the 2023 formula student competition and create an atmosphere to possible enter more in the future!

Listen in and hear all about us and our plans while we chat and play some F1 themed music!

sorry about your brain

sorry about your brain features songs to make you laugh, cry, rage, and reminisce. tune in to chat, to ponder, or just to have something on in the background.

genres will include anything from alternative folk, alt rock, lo-fi, indie, pop-punk, and more.

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Side Quest

Greetings travellers, welcome to Side Quest! Each episode, join Harrie, Owen and Melissa as they navigate their way through a jumble of songs and questions centered around the theme of the week. 

Yorkie Talkies

Join hosts Eloise and Kate as they dive into the world of themed playlists, from heart-melting love songs to air-guitar anthems, and so much more! Get ready for exciting artist face-offs where YOU get to vote for your favorite artists. Discover new tracks, relive old classics, and tune in every week on Yorkie Talkies.