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A Dash Through The Musicals With James Long
James Long plays some of the best songs from the musicals, but be ready with your requests and messages too!
Dan Constable
Just what you need on a sunday afternoon!
Join me and a variety of special guests in musical heaven for some Sunday fun. The perfect place to end your week.
Josh Chambers Sunday!
Political Review, Religious Intransigence, Economic Analysis and Unbreakable Resolve (may contain live music and Tim Wallace).
Lazy Sunday Lunch
An hour of easy listening classics and new found gems to serve with your Sunday lunch.
Roses Sunday
Roses coverage live from Lancaster
Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Brunch
Join Paul and Ollie for a brunch of hip-hop, electro, rock and anything else that takes our fancy every Sunday morning.
Sunday Love Songs with Will and Fran
Requests and dedications for that special someone in your life. Will and Fran bring you an hour of laid-back lovesongs and chilled out hits.
The Score: Sunday Comment
The URY Sports team react to Sunday's sport results.
The Score: Sunday Reaction
The URY Sports team react to Saturday's results and look ahead to Sunday's fixtures.
The Scott Show Select-Show
The weekday afternoon edition of the Sunday morning show. This is the only where we open our music archives in 'Chain Connection', where we analyse the news stories of the day, conduct live recipes you can do at home and cover the all so important 'Campus News' of the day. This and new artists, momentus covers and warm-up-to-the-weekend request fest.
The Sunday Lunch Show
Daz, your Host with the Roast! Giving you a weekly helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features. Stirring up your week with "Name That Tone" and "Campus Challenge," then sit back and relax while you enjoy that Sunday feeling!.
The Sunday Morning Show
Great music, chat, interactive games and all round fun.
The Sunday Morning Show
The Sunday Night Show
The Best selection of Music, an eclectic mix of guests and some of the least scripted radio for miles around.
The Sunday Roast
With love from The Speech Team at ((URY))
Your weekly radio drama instalment, courtesy of ((URY))
Get dramatic with ((URY)) - The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, followed from week 3 by student-written and performed The Matchstick Man.
Perusing the Sunday Papers unlike anybody else: sit back, relax and enjoy with the ((URY)) Speech Team and guests.
THE SUNDAY ROAST: The Third Degree
Where Sunday is all about chatting and chill-out choons.
The Sunday Roast: YorWorld
The weekly magazine show featuring interviews with the stars and influential people in the entertainment industry, Live Music, and previews/reviews of Dramasocs latest productions!
The show that really does cover campus completely. Reviews and interviews of what's been going on in York and on campus.
Your views, Your York - Your World. The speech team has a shiny new show for Sundays! Tune in to find out what's going on in York and on campus, hear reviews of the latest drama and film, listen to what our correspondents have been up to, and join in with discussions on the issues of the day.