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Awkward Laughter with Jamie Long and Oliver Howlett
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. An hour packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Hannah's Cacophonic Hour
Hannah and a bustle of passionate guests expound on life's greatest mysteries and play undiscovered music adhering to a different theme each week. Disclaimer: the term 'Cacophonic' is subjective.
have i got choons for you
Satirical features, superb classics and subliminal chat from your soon to be new favourite presenters: Andrew Ryan and Daniel Cave.
Have I Got Choons For You.
Satirical features, superb classics and subliminal chat from your soon to be new favourite presenters: Andrew Ryan and Daniel Cave.
Transport your mind in not just 4/4 time. If you need a fix with electronics in aural form, our show has just the medicine. Sampling the rich and diverse landscape of the electronica scene and its sub-genres, we'll ease you in with some of the most hypnotic chilled-out beats and through out the hour step up the pace, leading up to the crescendo of Moo's Mix that will get you in the mood to paint Jorvik röt. If you want the best Muzik? - Then Hedfontik!.
Inter-Continental Breakfast - Europe
Around the world in 80 plays. Our Phileas Fogg of the frequencies - Eddie Ferrero - takes you on a musical Round the World tour; throughout the course of the first week back of the decade. Today: he starts your tour in currently sub-zero Europe.
Sound of a Submarine

Subliminal Panda
Somewhere in your unconscious, you know that all songs are connected. Witness the strange themes that songs share across genres and time. And a panda.
URY News Special: Is It High Time? The Debate Over Legalising Drugs

In this special hour-long programme from the URY News Team, we examine the debates surrounding the legalisation of drugs. Is prosecuting drug-users the way to stop the UK's problem with drug addiction? Should harmful substances be legalised, or decriminalised? Or would this cause more problems than it solves? We'll be hearing all sides of the argument, including the view from the NHS, a criminal lawyer and former York student turned journalist and author Peter Hitchens, as well as lots of student opinions on the matter.

Tweedle Dum, De and Me

Show comprising 3 final year undergraduates taking a look at that inevitable question of 'what next?'... through the medium of entertainment. Alongside a special guest each week (we'll sort these- people with varying weird and wonderful things lined up for them after uni), we'll look to sift through one more potential life choice every week as we count down towards the end of university. The planned format of the show will look to include an interview with our special guest as they join us for a whole host of potential silly features including: 

- Helen and Judy's travelling tips. Being seasoned travellers of Asia, the pair will reveal another wacky story from their travelling experiences each week. 
- 'Fit it in my Fro' - special guest will look to fit a different object each week into Joe's afro. Feature will also include leaderboard based on nature of object chosen and how many they managed to fit in his hair.
- 'Joe's chimes' or a title to that effect. Comic song, recorded specially for the show every week, written by Joe on a subject messaged in to the show/something to do with the idea of 'what's next?'
- Interview with our special guest on what his/her plan is for next year and/or what they are currently doing having now graduated. Many exciting people lined up!
- 'Decipher Judy/Helen' or title to that effect- feature involving Joe/listeners attempting to guess certain scottish accented words in English or Gaelic.

Show's music will probably be around 6 songs and will be a competition between Joe, Helen and Judy (2 songs each) on who has picked the best music for that day. Potentially based around the 'what next' theme for that show! 

In a nutshell, light-hearted entertainment show looking at the serious question of 'what's next?'. Aimed then at current final years but also applicable for all years. Will also look to have jingle for the show- playing on idea of 'tweedle Dum' (Helen/Judy), tweedle De (Helen/Judy) and Me (Joe).

Tea Time with Thomas

Thomas Beresford Smart (AKA TBS 5000) is centre stage in this hit music show as we hear the HARROWing tale of how the other half live.


Playing all the latest hip-hop and R&B and pretending we found it first. Join Reece and Sophy for an hour of inane chat, poorly designed games and of course, some amazing music.

Christmas Cooking on URY

Is all you cook pasta and pesto? Are you scared by words like 'basting' and substances such as 'oregano'? Have no fear, a jolly man is here to show you how easy Christmas cooking can be this festive period. From the kitchens of the Royal York hotel, the head chef will tell you how to pull off that perfect Turkey with ease. 

Midnight Metal

From brand new metal tracks to old classics, anything goes in this weekly celebration of metal here on URY! Requests of any sub-genre are encouraged and we'll play as many as you can. As long as it's loud, we'll play it to liven up those quiet late-night study sessions.

URY:PM - Peculiarities

Fab journey to discover the wonders of the world and universe, without having to move from the sofa. Anything bizarre, magical, or exceptional analysed to bits - how it changes the world from fashion and design to politics and economy. Like Nautilius, we will submerge into the unknown and meander in phenomenal. With a bit of luck afterwards we will at least appear to be knowledgeable and enlightened individuals.

Every week a new topic with games, interviews and discussions!  

Speech Showcase

Join us for our weekly roundup of speech content featuring dramas, comedy, interviews and documentaries about a variety of fascinating subjects. 

Good Morning York

Subjective review whether it is worth getting up this week or better stay in bed.

Get to Bed

Get to Bed helps you get to bed. In between music, we read original bedtime stories on air and inform your dreams. Send any submissions to aw1048@york.ac.uk

Ask the Professor

The show invites members of academic staff to discuss everything between their speciality to favourite tea! Guests will also get the opportunity to choose records that they listened to when they were students and participate in quizzes on their own subject as well as ones they may not be so familar with...

You'll Wish Radio Had Subtitles

Join Jack as he plays dance, rock, heavy metal and everything in between.

Tbignes hppenong st niy in a stuf

Often things happen. In some cases they happen at night. In yet more cases they can happen in a studio. This show is a subset of that particular union of things.

Subtitles on Decks

In the mix for an hour of the best dance music including house and drum 'n' bass and much much more

Let's Talk: Superheroes

The Speech team's newest feature series.  In this episode, we discuss the role of superhero film in Hollywood.  Are they all spectacle and no substance? Or are they pioneerring the way for a new type of film?

Manic Music Mixer

Alex and Marks educate each other about their completely different music tastes.  The pair will focus on a different section of their respective back catalogues each week, split half way between Marks' eclectic electronic and Alex's weird and wonderful rock and funk, it's sure to be an... interesting combination.

Love Factually

All about love!! A range of wonderful pannelists each week and fabulous love songs. We discuss the link between love and different subjects. A feel good show with lots of laughs.