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Hearing Aid 2008
The biggest collaborative event in the history of UK student radio, Hearing aid is a national week long charity event orchestrated by the SRA. We'll bring you the highlights from events held around the country.
A mixture of hip-hop and commerical R'n'B culminating in a 'hip-pop' tune which demonstrates the crossovers between our differing music tastes!
Late Registration

Start your weekend with an evening of all things hip-hop. From the classics that defined the genre decades ago to singles that have come out in the past week, nothing is off limits, nothing is too mainstream or too obscure. And, as always, requests are more than welcome.


Fed Up? Frustrated? We are! But we are here to help! Meet your Campus Agony Aunts!

Message in with your Gossip and Rants from Campus where Brandon and Amelie will offer the best advice on campus and share anecdotes, intertwined with some calming tunes 

A Conversation with Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery

The University's Vice Chancellor, Charlie Jeffery, joins us in the URY studio for the first time to discuss the Student Engagement Strategy 2030, with musical interludes picked by Charlie himself along the way.

Alumni Shows: The Matt Strat Show

This is Matt Strat's only personal show in 4 years of being a student in URY (and beyond). Better late than never!

In this one-of-a-kind show, expect dubious presenting, modern music reviews and continuous panic to fill the time!

Or, as Michael Grace puts it: Matt Strat Matt Strat Matt Matt Matt Strat Strat

Alumni Shows: Retrospectre! with Matt Windsor

If Mr Motivator can make a surprise comeback to airwaves in these interesting times... so can Retrospectre!  Yes, it's that URY show from the early 2010s with that person that said those words and played those songs.  Join Matt 'Not Stratford' Windsor from the comfort of their inadequately acoustically designed bedroom in North Yorkshire as they haunt URY like the spectre of leftist political ideology with choice cuts from the 80s, 70s, and the 80s again, while complaining about nearly being 30.

The TRS Jack

A new show, playing random music, bringing you the best from Matt Strat's head.

It's up to you to decide, is this better than the other shows with names that are a blatent rip-off of this show?

To my employer, don't worry, this show was recorded on the weekend.

Indie Archive

"Indie Archive" is a Music Show presented by Olly Hilton. It will showcase music from the later decades of the 20th century all the way until the modern day, illustrating all of the differences and similarities between yesterday's and today's indie tracks.

URY All Nighter: The Early Late Shift

Now the end of term has arrived, and we don’t have anything better to do with ourselves, we thought we’d ruin our sleep schedules for a laugh. Join the URY gang as we pull an all nighter for your amusement, and to prove that we can.


Alex Tant-Brown has been given the Early Late Shift - late in the day, but early in this all-night extravaganza. Grab a midnight snack and join us for two hours of sleep-deprived revelry. 

Back again with the chill behaviour

Matt is back in York to check out all this cool FM stuff.

Be ready for a nice chilled show of new and old stuff, hopefully something will tickle your fancy!