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Hot Chocolate
Two hours of the hottest, smoothest, sexiest songs on radio...
The Messiah of Rock & Roll
Oh yes, the smooth as honey voice is back on the airwaves...
URY Breakfast with CY
wake up to the smooth, dulcet tones of CY
YUSU Elections 2006: Unofficial Warm Down
It's early in the morn, Ben and Shelly keep things going smoothly
Ellie Wright's World Music

Bringing you rhythms from all around the world down the the Radio Waves Tuesday 10-11pm on ((URY)) Pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes!

From New Orleans funk & soul to Nairobi drumming feat. London DJ duo and Perry scratching it up with The Orb, pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes and you'll be skanking, salsa-ing and jiggling your body into the night with the smoothest worlds rhythms in town. Growing from a collection of new and old, local and global this one hour treat is a bowl full of loving for all you world music lovers, a medicine to get those smiles as big as bananas before you fall into a happy and peaceful sleep.

Free Jazz
An hour that encompasses all things jazz. Whether it's smooth, bop, cool, big band, trad, contemporary, funk, latin or soul - it'll be here.
Stay Classy

An hour of varied music featuring a mixture of all time classics and classics in the making, perfect for a chilled Saturday evening in.

Vanbrugh Jazz

Join Ellie Wright and the smooth sounds of Vanbrugh Jazz night - live on ((URY)).

Simmer down Sunday

Grab a hot drink and a biscuit, and take some time to relax on Sunday. An hour of easy-going songs from any decade and genre, intermixed with chat about the week gone by with commentary on any and all news.

Sequential Logic

A smooth selection of electronic music without specific boundaries, loads of different stuff selected from old and new releases presented with a slight Italian accent.

The Weekend Wind-down with Christian

Chilled electronic, hip-hop, acoustic and just about every other genre of music rolled into one hour. I'm Christian and I'll be helping you through that last-minute revision, the 'Monday is approaching' sobbing on the floor or however you're spending your Sunday evening!

URY Music: Let's Just Stay In

Got no big plans? Sit back, relax and tune in to Alex Kneller playing you a smooth mix of soul, funk, jazz and anything that might tickle your fancy. It's radio you can't help but click along to.

It's An Odd Time

Showcasing the best independent and alternative music tracks from a range of genres as well as the odd interview from musicians on campus and beyond!

You could say it's post-watershed ;) 


A friendly talk show about basically whatever is on my mind. Will feature a rotating cast of guest presenters and one-off interviewees from the world of "student politics". Likely topics are;

I'm not entirely sure as to what it would be fully, but I will plan every episode extensively. I wouldn't want it to be anymore than an hour. It migth be crap, but I would quite like to try something new. Possible music genres include;

Whatever takes the fancy really. I know this is a really wooly pitch, but would just like an outlet to explore a 

I'm also really unsure on the title, so any suggestion would be welcome.