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12 Hour Takeover
Jo Wickham spends 12 hours with no co-presenter, no food and no sleep...all for charity!
Midnight With Retrospectre
My god? Are you still awake!? You should cure that with an hour of Din and Matt, featuring old music, old jokes and tired yawnings.
Rob Stonehouse
Late night music and features. Who needs sleep?
The Graveyard Shift
Ah so it's that time of night again, you're either asleep or desperately writing that essay in for tommorow. Well don't worry, i'm totally here to help! Thats with music, i'm not actually going to write your essay.
URY Evening Selection: Charlotte Millar
Finish the first week back with Charlotte - whether you've had a week of exams, sleep or alcohol poisioning, she'll have something for you.
Ellie Wright's World Music

Bringing you rhythms from all around the world down the the Radio Waves Tuesday 10-11pm on ((URY)) Pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes!

From New Orleans funk & soul to Nairobi drumming feat. London DJ duo and Perry scratching it up with The Orb, pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes and you'll be skanking, salsa-ing and jiggling your body into the night with the smoothest worlds rhythms in town. Growing from a collection of new and old, local and global this one hour treat is a bowl full of loving for all you world music lovers, a medicine to get those smiles as big as bananas before you fall into a happy and peaceful sleep.

Wake Up With Wallbank

Designed to get the sleepyheads out of bed, Wake Up With Wallbank provides a mix of cheerful chatter, tantalising tunes and insightful interviews all based around the theme of the week.
Each week will have a morning related theme, be it breakfast cereal or alarm clock troubles, that will be dealt with in a unique fashion.
If Oscar Wilde was right when he said 'only dull people are brilliant at breakfast', then Mike Wallbank must be one of the dullest people this side of Thirsk, as this show is guaranteed to get you geared up for the day ahead.

Alex and Tom - Being Cold For Charity

Join Alex Light and Tom Arnold from a very special outside broadcast from Vanbrugh JCRC's charity sleepout on Vanbrugh bowl. We'll take you through the night, through every stage of delirium as we slowly freeze and don't sleep.

That Late Late Underground Sound.

Can't sleep? Feel the need to listen to some really odd music in the early hours of the morning? This is the show for you. Join me as I play an eclectic mix of underground music, ranging from brass house , to expermental hip-hop, to math rock and North African electronic jazz funk stuff. It will be eye opening. If you need someone to talk to and you don't want to ask one of your flatmates how to use a tin opener, I've got that covered too. Jim.  x


It's late at night and verging on being the morning. However you don't feel like going to sleep! Got work to do? Stressed? Bored? Procrastinating? Geniunely have insomnia? Well then this is the show for you! Your hosts Dom Gould and Hector Macduff will attempt to tire you out for an hour with some heavy/ fast paced tracks, with a bit of witty banter in between ;)

What's Popping?

What's popping? Join Ellie and Zak on an epic pop adventure as we seek to find out what artists we've been sleeping on or what pop jams need to be added to your playlists asap. Get woke and let's get popping. 

Fiction Burn

Can't sleep? Neither can we,  so we've got a story for you that'll have you nodding of in seconds! It's amazing,  even our campus renowned program controller Naomi certainly thinks so... "yeah,  whatever.  Everyone will be asleep anyway" 

Get to Bed

Get to Bed helps you get to bed. In between music, we read original bedtime stories on air and inform your dreams. Send any submissions to aw1048@york.ac.uk


An eclectic mix of chilled pop songs and jazz.

Wake Up With Mr. West

The breakfast show for people that couldn't sleep. 

Tom's Exam Open Season

Tom decides the only way to get himself to correct his sleep schedule and get any actual revision done is to do, like, a lot of radio at unreasonable times. Listen in for a man pretending everything's okay while his academic world threatens to completely shatter around him! Also music!

URY PM: Wake Up With Mr. West

The breakfast show for people that couldn't sleep.

Half Asleep

An hour of music where we try to remain conscious and escape a feeling of absolute boredom, held together simply by the suggestion of thematic consistency. Volume ranges from questionably high to regulation low and somehow sustains this throughout the hour.

Breakfast: When The Flip Even Is Pancake Day? We Butter Get Cooking!

It's that time of the year again when everyone forgets that pancake day exists and celebrates it haphazardly a few days later. So if you are in need of a belated pancakey fix then this show is for you! We will be playing some breakfasty tunes and cooking up a storm in a kitchen much like your own. So satiate your ears with the sounds of PANCAKES! and the ocassional interjections of many sleep deprived housmates. If you would to see the live stream go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGvs5dN0aME

I'm So Turned On Right Now: Autumn 2020

Like the nocturnal students we are, URY is emerging from it's COVID Cubby-hole in the middle of the night to kick off a brand new term of broadcasting.  Join our most sleepless presenters for an night (morning?) of light entertainment before your inevitable 9am welcome lecture. At least you won't have to get out of bed to attend...

A Classical Teatime

I, Isaac, wanted an excuse (as a proud Northerner) to drink ginger-infused tea by becoming a member of the upper-middle class. Keoni (a pensioner) wants to feel young again by utilising the vast array of "youf'" words he's learned at university to abuse me from the sidelines every time I make a mistake.

Together, we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Recording in Progress

I probably won't be awake for this show. That's okay though, I'm hopefully using the time to test our automatic playout software. :)

Thursday Night Fever Dream

Sleep is for the weak. Radio is for the strong. Join Towells and Q for a show that may or may not be an out-of-body experience for all involved.


Yeah this show is still called Thursday Night Fever Dream even though it's on Friday now. Deal with it, we're lazy.

Breakfast: Alarm's Set Too Early

Join me as I regret waking up just before the show, in an attempt to persuade myself that I'll have a productive day by doing an early show beforehand!

URY All Nighter: The Early Late Shift

Now the end of term has arrived, and we don’t have anything better to do with ourselves, we thought we’d ruin our sleep schedules for a laugh. Join the URY gang as we pull an all nighter for your amusement, and to prove that we can.


Alex Tant-Brown has been given the Early Late Shift - late in the day, but early in this all-night extravaganza. Grab a midnight snack and join us for two hours of sleep-deprived revelry.