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The STD of Rock
"The STD(Sean & Tim Digest) of Rock" will infect your wireless for 60 minutes of top notch rock music, once a week every week. Ranging from Manson to Metallica, Slayer to Springsteen and Hammerfall to Hendrix, "The STD of Rock" is the place for your weekly fix of top rock anthems. Get your night going with The STD of Rock. Warning- May cause a rash/excessive headbanging/air guitar syndrome. Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.
Slice! Hour

I am slice! (Alice Grahame) and this is my hour. I'll be premiering my very own song and playing some fun tunes so make sure to listen xoxo

Pop-Cultured with Alice and Mo

Dissecting music with side commentary about current pop culture moment. Come join us!!


Rolfe & Roitt

Join Jess and Colin for an hour of the best pop around


We're loud, we're slightly big headed, and from our spot at James Beach... we're now practically unstoppable!

Come alomg, request a song and feel free to ask us questions!