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Mad Hatters Tea Party
ALice and Ollie's musical Wonderland. Join us for a weird and wonderful trip full of alternative hits, random guests and mind altering drugs (or more likely cake).
Straight Talk
URY's student lifestyle and advice show. Share your problems - anything from sex and drugs to dodgy relationships...
Drugs, Bouz & Rock & Roll
A late night mix of new and old rock music spanning multiple genres with the later part of the show sporting music that might just shock you.
URY News Special: Is It High Time? The Debate Over Legalising Drugs

In this special hour-long programme from the URY News Team, we examine the debates surrounding the legalisation of drugs. Is prosecuting drug-users the way to stop the UK's problem with drug addiction? Should harmful substances be legalised, or decriminalised? Or would this cause more problems than it solves? We'll be hearing all sides of the argument, including the view from the NHS, a criminal lawyer and former York student turned journalist and author Peter Hitchens, as well as lots of student opinions on the matter.

Tripping in Babylon

Exploring the drug culture through its music.

Tripping In Babylon

Exploring the drug culture through its music!

Take it to the Rugs

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat - and rugs!


It's been 5 days since it was 450 days since Sam's last studio show, so it's time to set that right. Join Sam and Keoni as they play the songs Sam played 455 days ago, play some games and generally have a good time!