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An hour of completely chilled out tunes to help escape from the everyday stress of student life. A compilation of the best acoustic tunes and relaxed songs around.
Classical Evening Concert
Tune in for your weekly dose of relaxing classical music - from Beethoven to Philip Glass, you're sure to find something to match your mood, and help you study.
Easy Like Monday Evening
Relaxed chat and soothing tunes to help you de-stress after that first day back.
Easy Like Thursday Afternoon
Relaxed chat and soothing tunes to help you de-stress your extremely busy life.
Easy Like Tuesday Afternoon
Relaxed chat and soothing tunes to help you de-stress your extremely busy life.
Fun times with Fran and Chris
Why so serious?
This show aims to get rid of those essay and exam blues. After all, it's summertime and therefore time to relax, smile & have fun!
Lie in with Alex and Demi
Lie back and relax whilst listening to the most random show on radio!
Payne Relief
Relax... Chill... or even Chillax... Sure there's still famine in the world, inequality, global warming; but you deserve a break. It's Broadcast Ibuprofen - Payne Relief.
Summer Fun
Summer chill out tunes with some light-hearted chat for relaxed listening.
The Beatz Show
Listen in and relax for an hour to hear some of the best songs from UK and US artists in the Urban music scene.
The Coffee Shop Macchiato
Designed with comfort in mind; the Coffee Shop Macchiato uses special techniques to transform the air around you into a beautiful sound-garden of relaxing chillout music. Whilst being enveloped, all you will be required to do is sit back, close your eyes and lit the music paint a sunny meadow of colours in your mind.
The Evening Show With Alex Boyall
The music is good, if I ever stop talking and play some, so grab some food and drink, sit back, and relax listening to your favourite show!
The Lie in With Demi and Alex
ie back and relax whilst listening to the most random show on radio!
The Old Fashioned Music Show
That's right, Tim's back with his trad jazz mix - though he'll probably stray back into the 1920s, too, cos he's that cool. A relaxing start to a hectic term.
The Scott Bryan Show
The Hangover Pill - Music, tea, newspapers, exam relaxation and chat to keep you informed and help you on your way. The afternoon show will contain the main music releases and some unsung and modern classics, as well '15-minutes' where all the music is within a certain genre. There's a news review of the papers, interviews with those connected to the University issues that matter and regular link-ups with Bailrigg (Lancaster) ahead of the Roses competition.
The Sunday Lunch Show
Daz, your Host with the Roast! Giving you a weekly helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features. Stirring up your week with "Name That Tone" and "Campus Challenge," then sit back and relax while you enjoy that Sunday feeling!.
Perusing the Sunday Papers unlike anybody else: sit back, relax and enjoy with the ((URY)) Speech Team and guests.
Two Hour Power Shower
The legendary URY decks are taken over for 2 hours of music, entertainment and a smattering of unrelated chat. Rinsing your brains to let you relax. Let the cleansing commence!.
URY: 24/7
Unpack your stuff, sit back and relax to the best easy listening tunes. Welcome back to your favourite city and of course your favourite radio station.
URY LUNCH with Daz
Daz is now here on a Wednesday to give you a weekly helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features! Stirring up your week with "Name That Tone" and also some on campus involvement. As well as the occasional interview, don't forget to check in with the "Retro Half Hour" every week where we look back at years gone by. Then sit back and relax and enjoy your lunchtime the way Chuck Norris intended!
URY Lunch with Rob
It's 3rd year already.. the ideal time to just relax with some nice tracks. Screw exams, screw lectures, screw dissertations. Just relax with a cuppa.
The Saturday Night Slowdown

Tired of big nights out and loud, irritating music? Wish that you could just spend Saturday evening relaxing in bed or playing video games? Well, here's the perfect excuse! Tune in and space out to the sounds of the newest, most chill electronic music with Will "voice like liquid gold" Oldfield. So, spend your saturday evening in style - sit back, unwind and enjoy!


"Experimental electronic music interspersed with psychedelic narrative. A guided relaxation to help you shed the stresses of student life for an hour every fortnight, hosted by Harry Dyson."

The Hip-Hop Show

The Title is pretty self-explanatory. It is a show in which i shall play Hip-Hop. So peace out sit back and relax whilst i bring you a fine selection of carefully selected banging tunes to play for you lucky listeners.

Simmer down Sunday

Grab a hot drink and a biscuit, and take some time to relax on Sunday. An hour of easy-going songs from any decade and genre, intermixed with chat about the week gone by with commentary on any and all news.