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URY Newshour

 The stories making campus headlines. Plus reaction and analysis from the national award-winning URY News team

URY News Special - Student Media: York Hitting the Headlines

URY News Special - Student Media: York Hitting the Headlines

Join the national award winning URY News team for a special edition of the Newshour with George Lane.

This programme covers student media on campus - With all the recent scandalus headlines and questionable reporting techiniques, is student media a useful and necessary outlet? Or are student journalists just in it for enhancing future career prospects.

We speak with the student media, York Universty Students Union, external 'student' news sources, and industry experts including BBCs Chris Smith.

Tune in at 6pm, Wednesday 26th November 2014, live on ury.org.uk

Alex's Songs at 6

I have a very broad taste in music, it's safe to say. Basically, anything that isn't hard metal or electro/house/etc. and I'll probably be into it. So join me, and find out some of my favourites, and indeed some of my guilty pleasures from my wonderful eclectic jukebox.