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URY Presents: YUSU Christmas Market 2019

Join URY at the YUSU 2019 Christmas Market. Come along and get festive with a mince pie at James Hall, visit some of the stalls, or just tune in and enjoy some classic Christmas songs here on URY.

A Classical Bedtime

Isaac wanted (as a proud Northerner) to appear more informed and cultured than he really is. David (a pensioner) wanted to feel young again by pretending he's still at university, and to abuse Isaac every time he mispronouces anything. Will actually knows something about music, so tries to keep the rest of us in order.

Together, we will pick some music to play, and we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

William King's Christmas Party

Get your festive jumper on, grab a mince pie and join William King for music, merriment and magic celebrating Christmas 2021.