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Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.
The Stax Soul Scene
Michael Thackray presents the definitive guide to one of the most influential pop music movements in the modern era. Expect interviews with some of the biggest names in the genre, plenty of history and plenty of hits.
URY Breakfast: Michael Thackray
Michael Thackray playing music to sooth his hangover and yours. Also: ridiculous competitions and some kind of sandwich reviewing.
David Maguire: The Difficult First Show
David Maguire is not a particularly funny man. However, since he does know what buttons to press to make the playlist start, and which ones activate the self-destruct system, we are legally obliged to give him a show. Features URY's new "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss fighting back against metrosexuality by giving advice on how to become a more manly man, and some of the weakest humour since (insert easy Michael McIntyre joke here).
URY Lunch: Top Chat with Mike and Cat

Join Caterina Soave and Michael Brennan for top lunchtime bantz. All the cheese of Efe's without the shame of Willow.

BooRY: A Spooky Story

Along time ago Ali and Michael were busy producing their horror special Yorknext, when one day they received a script so frightening it could never be aired on radio ever... until now.


A film show in which we review new releases of the week, discuss the state of filmgoing at present and speculate on where it's all going. Plenty of room for going wildly off-topic.

Analysis Show

WARNING! Incredible amounts of banter are present

Alumni Takeover: Top Chat with Mike and Cat

Cat Soave and Michael Brennan return to the URY airwaves after over three years apart for more top tunes, top features and, of course, top chat.

Alumni Shows: The Matt Strat Show

This is Matt Strat's only personal show in 4 years of being a student in URY (and beyond). Better late than never!

In this one-of-a-kind show, expect dubious presenting, modern music reviews and continuous panic to fill the time!

Or, as Michael Grace puts it: Matt Strat Matt Strat Matt Matt Matt Strat Strat

Alumni Shows: Michael Brennan

Isolation tunes and top chat with URY alumni Michael Brennan, live from Dublin!

Results Day 2020: Brunch

Join Jess and Michael as results start to come in across the country. Hear from Society members and Sabbatical Officers, and feel free to ask your own questions to current students, getting ready for your new life in York!

This results day from 7 am to midnight, URY will be broadcasting LIVE coverage as people receive their A-Level results across the country. With fresh content specifically aimed at the University of York's offer holders and those on the clearing lines, tune in for a day of top (available) presenters giving you the true York experience.... or Yor-xperience... (don't worry, you'll get used to all the “Yor-” puns)

Just Turn It Off Already! Christmas '20

It's the end of term one here at york and Christmas is right around the corner, and our Ofcom regulated broadcast hours.

Join us as we gather around the proverbial yuletide log and enjoy an evening of fun and games as we, the fine people of URY, get together for one last blast of Crimbo merriment and questionable radio content.

So come along, get festive, and enjoy while The Man (read as 'Ofcom') tries to (read as 'tells us to') shut us down (read as 'not broadcast outside our allowed period')

The Post-Post-Production Meeting Party Programme: Live!

Please, Michael?

Kitchen Nightmares? This is a Post-Engineering Meeting Nightmare!

Thank you, Michael.

An All Time Lowe

You can't deny that when I engage in bufoonery to prove a silly point, I really put effort in.

Live on the wibble and the internets, I am here with music, probably a hangover and a real commitment to avoid doing my actual degree.

Time O'Clock

In URY, legends are told of the mystical time of 13:50. This time, known to some as Time O'Clock, is a wonderous minute of every day where members of URY past and present come together to appreciate our great station. Join Alex and Michael as we build up to this great time, celebrate appropriately, and then try and think of something to do for the remaining 8 minutes and 45 seconds of the show.

A-Level Results Day: Make Some Noise

Hi, I'm Michael, and I'm going to be playing some music that basically made my first year at York!

Freshers' Friday

So, you've made it to Friday of Freshers' Week. 4 days of non-stop clubbing and introductory activities haven't been enough to dissuade you, and somehow you're up at 9am again. Join Will, Michael and Sam for a look back on the week and look forward to the weekend, where you can have a break from it all. Oh wait, no you can't, there's still the fair yet!

Freshen Up for Freshers' Fair

It's that time of the year again - there'll be one stall giving out bags for some reason, so make sure you grab the bag for all the other random freebies you get from stalls you pretend to be interested in just to get the pens.

Freshers' Fair 2021 is nearly upon us - join me as we build up to it with some great music and chat!

Michael's Monday Music

Come along and listen to whatever music I end up being in the mood to play - it could literally be anything. 

Let's Look At That Playlist!

Join me, Michael, as I go through some music playlists and let it out into your ears! Let me know if there's something you want to hear too!

Summer's Afternoon

It's June, it's hopefully sunny, so let's play some music that probably won't get you in that mood! Join me, Michael, for an hour as I play some great tunes and have some fun conversation.

Brunch: Surely that's just late breakfast?

It's Wednesday morning - maybe you've had your lecture for the day - so join me, Michael, for two hours of music and chat whilst you work out what to do for the rest of the day!

URY's BBC Radio York Takeover

Our presenters Michael Grace, Tom Foreman, Grace Fegan and Alanah Hammond take over George Smith's BBC Radio York show... broadcast live on BBC Radio York and University Radio York.