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A Dash Through The Musicals With James Long
James Long plays some of the best songs from the musicals, but be ready with your requests and messages too!
Candidate Interview Night 2012
On Candidate Interview night we quiz the hopefuls who want to represent YOU. Get your messages in to get your questions answered!
T/Issues with JJ and Rob
The show alternates week to week, with music and games one week and the other with a more serious message behind it. Both interesting though :D.
URY Evening Selection: The Scott Bryan Show
Make Wednesday early evenings bearable with The Scott Bryan Show. There's Chain Reaction, Request Hour, 3-in-a-row and the one and only Campus News to keep you sain, along with cookalong recipe challenges, URY 40 and any mutterings and recollectations about the previous night live from Vanburgh Central. Be a part of it. Send us an email from ury.york.ac.uk or use that little jiggerty box in the top right hand corner for your message to be slammed straight into the studio.
URY:PM with Jake and Henry
The tried and trusted format of great music and rambling chat with Jake and Henry, including your messages and the finest features.
Week 1 General Election Debate
Join Laura Cress as she chairs a debate between student representatives from each political party in front of a live studio audience.
To ask your question either message us through the website or email elections@ury.org.uk.

The very best alternative music, unplugged and raw. Love acoustic music? This is the show of you. Nothing but the best alternative bands stripped back. Requests will always be welcome - send me a message via the website or tweet at me @CallMeLuke94.

Amnesty Radio

A show on behalf of Amnesty International Society. Each fortnight we discuss the campaigns Amnesty International have decided to run. Engaging in serious debate with audience participation and regular guests, the show promises to be thought provoking. Have your say in the messages, and tell us what issues concern you. 

Tweedle Dum, De and Me

Show comprising 3 final year undergraduates taking a look at that inevitable question of 'what next?'... through the medium of entertainment. Alongside a special guest each week (we'll sort these- people with varying weird and wonderful things lined up for them after uni), we'll look to sift through one more potential life choice every week as we count down towards the end of university. The planned format of the show will look to include an interview with our special guest as they join us for a whole host of potential silly features including: 

- Helen and Judy's travelling tips. Being seasoned travellers of Asia, the pair will reveal another wacky story from their travelling experiences each week. 
- 'Fit it in my Fro' - special guest will look to fit a different object each week into Joe's afro. Feature will also include leaderboard based on nature of object chosen and how many they managed to fit in his hair.
- 'Joe's chimes' or a title to that effect. Comic song, recorded specially for the show every week, written by Joe on a subject messaged in to the show/something to do with the idea of 'what's next?'
- Interview with our special guest on what his/her plan is for next year and/or what they are currently doing having now graduated. Many exciting people lined up!
- 'Decipher Judy/Helen' or title to that effect- feature involving Joe/listeners attempting to guess certain scottish accented words in English or Gaelic.

Show's music will probably be around 6 songs and will be a competition between Joe, Helen and Judy (2 songs each) on who has picked the best music for that day. Potentially based around the 'what next' theme for that show! 

In a nutshell, light-hearted entertainment show looking at the serious question of 'what's next?'. Aimed then at current final years but also applicable for all years. Will also look to have jingle for the show- playing on idea of 'tweedle Dum' (Helen/Judy), tweedle De (Helen/Judy) and Me (Joe).

Lights Out

One last year of specialist music - let's make it a good one. 

The biggest, loudest new music show on the station. Every week I'll be bringing you my pick of the new releases, hidden gems found from the depths of the internet and artists you've never heard of, often with a scandanavian feel to the whole thing. 

Message in via twitter, facebook or the URY website and enjoy all the fun that brings.

Moving On with Will and Oliver

Chat. Music. Current Affairs.

The new man's Friday evening drivetime radio, join Will and Oliver as they banter, bust out new music and classic tunes, and take a not-too-serious look at the week's events. If it gets too boring, be sure to message in and we'll be moving on. (Get it?)

New guests, new songs and new news; every week.

URY:PM - The Request Show with Cat & Steve

Anything goes with this two hour bonanza of music, chosen by you! Message in via the website or by text (07851 101313) to have your say in what gets played in the lead up to Thursday night!

These Charming Girls

Join us for 2 magical hours a week of reporting all absurdity there is. We talk about news that are odd, weird, crazy, or eccentric, but most importanly, interesting and amusing (ooh, dem adjectives and thesaurus eloquence). All this PLUS lots of music! We play everything from good old classics to guilty pleasures, we just go with the flow (and requests!).

Tune in every Monday at 5pm!

Waiting for your messages and existing solely for your amusement,
I.e. Truly yours,

Smeleanor Smith from Grassington and Kaja Harton

Grumpy Youngish Men

Get rid of those Tuesday blues! Two blokes, one woman,  and maybe the odd guest, getting the gripes of the week out of the way with some banging tunes. We want to hear what's really got your back up.

Message in with your complaints/requests on the site or contact us on Facebook: http://m.me/grumpyyoungishmen.

Guilty Pleasure

Let your body do all the talking, an let loose with Guilty Pleasure!

Shake off the summertime blues and discover, and re-discover the songs of the century that, deep down, everyone loves.. and if anythings missed, feel free to message in with the requests!

Late Night Country with Gareth and Naomi

With the season finale of The Country Connection you may have thought you had seen the last of country music on URY, but not quite! In this special one-off edition of “Late Night Country with Gareth and Naomi” you’re two presenters will revive some of their favourite Country Connection staples for one last hurrah. Join us as we journey through the very best of the Country Connection's playlist and reminisce over the past year of radio revelry!

Tales from the Phantasmagoria

Welcome to the Phantasmagoria, a world of terrifying, funny and fantastical tales for your delight. Each week the Vault Keeper and his Special Guests will improvise three fantastical tales all from the listeners suggestions. Message in if you dare!

Keenan vs. Kelly: Battle of the Genres

Each week Joe and Harry will be bringing you the best music from different genres, battling out to see who can choose the best tracks. At the end of the show can message in and vote for who you think played the best music. 


Fed Up? Frustrated? We are! But we are here to help! Meet your Campus Agony Aunts!

Message in with your Gossip and Rants from Campus where Brandon and Amelie will offer the best advice on campus and share anecdotes, intertwined with some calming tunes 


Sextended is a taboo tackling talk show, brand new for this academic year.


A wonderful taboo-busting hour, stay tuned and message in to tell us your views each episode...

The Talk

The Talk. You know what that is. It is the talk with that special someone on- what are we?

It is feared, dreaded and heavily anticpated. What do York students think of 21st century relationships? 

In this show we will talk about what is a relationship? How is that different to 'seeing' someone, or dating? How best should we make up and break up? How do people keep up relatonships? From one night stands with your flatmate, to long distance relationships across the globe. We've got you covered for all sorts of issues so please tune in as ping us a message if you can!

A fortnightly show with York students for York students.

URY Presents: UYCO: Spring Concert 2020

Join URY for exclusive live coverage of the University of York Concert Orchestra Spring Concert 2020.

Keep up and follow URY on twitter @URY1350 - Message us at URY.org.uk or give us a text: 07851 101 313

Last Week in Lockdown

Take a look back at the week, with all the big stories, great guests and your calls and messages! Tweet the team @ury1350, send us a message or text the studio on 07851 101 313.


Every week we discuss different medical conditions along with social, political and economic issues affecting the NHS, with each week featuring topics exclusively beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Each week I will be joined by medics to bust myths, offer advice and discuss pivotal issues affecting 21st century healthcare.

Please tune in and we welcome messages from far and wide!

DISCLAIMER: Please contact licensed medical professionals if you have any concerns about your health. 

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe

The Breakfast version of URYs top* decade based hits show hits the airwaves for a Freshers Week special. Expect to hear numerous excuses for my poor planning, plugs for anything else on the schedule and overly complexed and nuanced answers to any vague, silly questions I get asked by listeners.

RIP Tim from Wentworth - messaged in weekly Nov 2018 - Apr 2019.