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Casting the Net
An exploration of the vast ocean of sound that exists to be freely and legally downloadable on the World Wide Web.
G.I. J.O.E.
Got Issues? - János, Ollie and Eddie all do. János has got his Mum, sorry, “Mom” round, Ollie's got his head in the past and Eddie's playing fisticuffs with beverage machines. Are they legally allowed on the radio. Well, Scott Bryan thinks so. Join us for a beautifully irreverent piece of radio. You won't be disappointed (too much...).
The Joe Show
One final term of barely legal antics from URY's most hated.
David Maguire: The Difficult First Show
David Maguire is not a particularly funny man. However, since he does know what buttons to press to make the playlist start, and which ones activate the self-destruct system, we are legally obliged to give him a show. Features URY's new "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss fighting back against metrosexuality by giving advice on how to become a more manly man, and some of the weakest humour since (insert easy Michael McIntyre joke here).
Pathetic Frequency
The theme is always: music that relates to that day's weather. Anything goes! Except silence, which is illegal to broadcast.
URY News Special: Is It High Time? The Debate Over Legalising Drugs

In this special hour-long programme from the URY News Team, we examine the debates surrounding the legalisation of drugs. Is prosecuting drug-users the way to stop the UK's problem with drug addiction? Should harmful substances be legalised, or decriminalised? Or would this cause more problems than it solves? We'll be hearing all sides of the argument, including the view from the NHS, a criminal lawyer and former York student turned journalist and author Peter Hitchens, as well as lots of student opinions on the matter.


Acoustics is back! 

A comedic (hopefully) and disastrous (definitely) student radio show, created in the midst of exam season to let out some steam with live acoustic sessions from upcoming artists and curious questions leading to impossible debates.

The Ben and Jasper Show 2: Electric Boogaloo

The triumphant return of the critically acclaimed* The Ben and Jasper Show, join our presenters for another season of arguing about the order of our names and riding the very thin line between OFCOM regulated and illegal broadcasting.

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Midweek Breakfast

It's the middle of the week, and your strength is begining to wane, but your timetable has not. You lie in bed, (within the boundaries of the University of York campus, the only place where URY can be heard), and you need a pick-me-up. Here I am, your best* legal resource for giving you the strength to face the morning.... by draining mine.

I have no experience, wit or charisma to speak of, but if you do at 8am then this show is not for you anyway.


A tribute to musicians and artists spanning enough variety to legally broadcast, picking the best of everything they've been a part of