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Two's A Crowd
Chris and Isaac bring you the best in chat, guests and eclectic musical offerings.
The Great North Run

On the morning of The Great North Run, a family eagerly try and watch the race on TV, in the hope of seeing Daniel, the youngest member of the family.  Unfortunately they keep getting distracted.  Whether its arguing over jobs, or working through deeper issues the family has, you will become engrossed in the day to day lives of the household.  With a huge cast and a good mix of humour and drama, this is definitely a story to tune in to.  

Written by Joe Dolan and Directing and Sound Engineering by Beth Wiffen. 

Cast include Sienna Lucrezia as Mum, Beth Prior as Carol, Leo Clasen as Mike, Matthew Chesters as Dad, Dominic Gould as Daniel, Marco Ross as the Announcer and Weatherman, Claire Geller as the Reporter, Kieran Cockburn as the Historian, Euan Brook as the Interviewer, Isaac Saward as the Interviewee and Ella Rainbird-Earley as the Girlfriend.

That OB from....

In order too justify the vast expense of time, effort, and finances I have invested on my long range wifi antenna. I'm going to be doing a series of random outside broadcasts from locations in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how well I set up my kit, there may even be music and live interviews over skype/my mobile. Feel free too enable my eccentricities by listening.

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe

It's early, I'm probably knackered from work, and now it's time to do a music. However, due to popular demand by people who are never going to listen, this music must be.... modern.... .... The horror is real. Join me for another hour of fake enthusiasm, rants about things I find on twitter and occasional thoughts about whether I should order in Pizza.
It's mostly for my sake.

Absolute Banger

Results Day 2020: Breakfast

This results day from 7 am to midnight, URY will be broadcasting LIVE coverage as people receive their A-Level results across the country. With fresh content specifically aimed at the University of York's offer holders and those on the clearing lines, tune in for a day of top (available) presenters giving you the true York experience.... or Yorexpirence... Don't worry, you'll hear worse “Yor-” puns than that. We hope.

Join Matt, JK and Isaac on the early shift as the initial figures come through. If you’re sitting by your computer waiting for the results to come through UCAS, tune in! We’ve got 2 hours of interviews, news analysis and top URY content to take you through to 9am.

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe

The Breakfast version of URYs top* decade based hits show hits the airwaves for a Freshers Week special. Expect to hear numerous excuses for my poor planning, plugs for anything else on the schedule and overly complexed and nuanced answers to any vague, silly questions I get asked by listeners.

RIP Tim from Wentworth - messaged in weekly Nov 2018 - Apr 2019.

A Classical Bedtime

Isaac wanted (as a proud Northerner) to appear more informed and cultured than he really is. David (a pensioner) wanted to feel young again by pretending he's still at university, and to abuse Isaac every time he mispronouces anything. Will actually knows something about music, so tries to keep the rest of us in order.

Together, we will pick some music to play, and we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Are you seriously telling me that the entire schedule for Thursday is empty?

I volunteer as tribute... I guess?

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe - Live from Studio Red

It's been some months since the last time URY physically broadcasted from our studios.

I've got up early so I can push the buttons before anyone else has a chance to get them dirty.

An All Time Lowe

You can't deny that when I engage in bufoonery to prove a silly point, I really put effort in.

Live on the wibble and the internets, I am here with music, probably a hangover and a real commitment to avoid doing my actual degree.

URY All Nighter: The Sunrise Show

Isaac watches the sunrise from a hill with Joseph, his ever-dutiful deputy. He's not sure why he's here, but apparently this is a computing meeting now.

Summer Nights Music Show: Part 2

A continuation of the A Classical Teatime special on music for Summer Nights. We now delve into the world of music created a bit more recently than Mahler and Strauss.

Join Isaac, David and Keoni through a whistle-stop tour of all music modern, summery and ... night-y?

A Level Results Day Morning 2021

Join Isaac and Keoni for three hours of music, games and chat to take you through the lunchtime shift as students across the country receive their A-Level results. Featuring interviews with YUSU President, Patrick O'Donnell, Community & Wellbeing Officer, Kelly Ballmer, and Academic Officer, Matt Johnstone.

Isaac's Midday all-night without the staying up bit gap-filler daytime extravaganza

I've just finished watching this Morning with whatever Phil and Holly are called these days. But we've got a whole bunch of hours of pretending we're a professional radio station staying awake for a long time to do. 

So I'm doing the boring daytime slot.... Woo....