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An Hour with Grumpy Jim
An interesting show, in which a gentlemen known only as Grumpy Jim gives his typically pessimistic views on the world around him. Jim discusses everything from politics to sport, from Amy Winehouse to Linsay Lohan and from Glasgow to York, which coincidentally is the train he's supposedly getting. A highly amusing hour of poor quizes, poor news, interesting songs and a running commentary of the whole lot.
An Introduction To...
Weekly musical education on artists and genres from the worlds of funk, rock, electro and many more.
A Whitehouse and Bull Bonanza
Discussion, debate and damn good times
Show-casing the very best big beat music, ranging from drum n bass, electro, house, techno and much more!
Coco Electro
Beats, bass and badass chat. Tune in for an hour of fine electronic dance music, fresh with exclusive tracks, mixes and slices of Coco musings.
Get your Radio out! Preferably at 9 O'Clock on Monday night to get your filthy, juicy, dirty dose of electro slash the occasional bit of dub to sate your unsavoury musical urges.

~Coco..Electro 'The not-so-quiet night in'~
If you like dance music this is the show for you! from house to dubstep to drum and bass, this is the best way to kickstart your weekend
Dance Anthems
Matty J kick-starts your weekend with the latest and greatest from the world of House, Electro and Big-Room Dance Anthems!
Disco Sucks
URY's only specialist disco show also plays soul, funk and house. Music to make you dance, baby.
First World Problems
Classical, artistic music. Relevant powerful reviews. Ground breaking journalism. None of the above applies to this show.
Oi! Oi! Saveloy! Get ready for the hardest Hedfonetik ever! In preparation for the biggest Hard-Trance/Hard-House event of the year to hit York - "Harder Timez" We have a smörgåsbord of sick tunes and a competition to win "The Raver's Survival Kit" - Four ((URY)) VIP Harder Timez Tickets; granting entry and one free drink of your choice per ticket and some FINDUS CRISPY PANCAKES upon your return home. Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box you Nutterz.
Harvey's Hour
house electro, indie bloghouse, ect ect.
House Rules

Hunky and Spunky
More friendly tunes in an hour than the toffs dj drops in a month. annie mac's mash-up, on a student budget. house, electro, drum an bass, garage, anything with a beat.
Let's Get Liminal

An hour of minimal techno complemented by radiophonic music, sound experimentation and obscure sixties soundtracks.

Let's Get Minimal
An hour of mainly minimal/deep house techno mixed with interesting music of other genres.
Idioteque's SimonSays and Jack Luckett take pipedownson.com off your computer screen and into your radio.Expect Garage, UKFunky, Indie, House, Dubstep, Ambience, Grime, Hip Hop and more.
Plastic World
Dan W brings you a lethal dose of alternative, indie, dubstep, D&B, electro, dance and grime to get you in the mood. It's gonna get messy!
ReCreational DJs

URY goes ReCreational with an hour of Funk, Soul and House.

Rob Stonehouse
Late night music and features. Who needs sleep?
Spunky teens
More friendly tunes in an hour than the toffs dj drops in a month. annie mac's mash-up, on a student budget. house, electro, drum an bass, bassline, soul, anything with a beat.
same old spunky teens, house electro disco soul dubstep and scenester rubish, plus audio debauchary from harvey slater and holdsworth ury's flagship dance program/official thursday night warm up/ winner of best show name at the ury's 2008, ect ect. annie mac's mash up on a student budget.
The Barclay Overnighter
Dance music... all through the night. From Electro, to Techno, trance, house and Dubstep.
The Drum and Bass Show
The Latest in drum and bass played every week alongside a classic tune of the week and an essential new tune!
The Swing House
Electroswing: One hour of electronic class. Skrillex fans may wait in the car park.