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Speed Limit: C

A mix of good music, chat, quizzes and a fun look back at the University's scientific history. To celebrate the Physics department's 50th!

Tracks for Today

Join William King for an hour of music reflecting on the day just gone.

As well as bringing you hits from the past we keep up-to-date by chatting through recent events from around the world and playing the tracks that we feel fit.

The History of URY
Former Station Manager Gill Rickson presents everything you need to know about the last 40 years of University Radio York. Produced by former Programme Controller Matt Wareham.
'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 2: 1651
niversity Radio York's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, which sees the English Civil war turned on its head when a third force enters the battle in this alternative history thriller. Six years have past since the events of Part 1 and an uneasy peace has been agreed. But with the arrival of The Dommonel and missionaries from Golekh englands peace stands on a knife edge. Based on the acclaimed novel and available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks!
URY Gender Documentary

The URY Speech team invetsigates the role of gender identity in our society.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the different types of identity, and to address related topics such as the representation of gender in the media, politics, and law, as well as looking at the history of gender and personal perspectives from students.  Georgie Norgate interviews a variety of people to learn about their personal experience with gender and some issues they have come across as a result of their gender identity.

Hearing Aid 2008
The biggest collaborative event in the history of UK student radio, Hearing aid is a national week long charity event orchestrated by the SRA. We'll bring you the highlights from events held around the country.
Music Team Presents: Radiohead Special
Steve Gardner documents the rise and rise of Radiohead, exploring their history and impact upon the music industry. He'll also take a look at other highlights of Oxford's music scene, including Youthmovies and Foals.
New Morning

Tom Morello once said that ‘every successful, progressive, radical or revolutionary movement that has ever been seen has had a great soundtrack’. We bring you these soundtracks. Each week we have a different theme and movement, playing the songs that have provided impetus for change and given people a voice. 


Zoë, Q and hopefully guests do a show to celebrate lgbtq+ history month! (Juust before it ends) 

Yorking Heads 1968 Two Hour Special!!

Celebrating the week we were born as an official station, I'll be playing some of the absolute gems that came out in 1968. We will also be delving in to the events of the year and of course, commemorating an historic day in your favourite station's history! 

URY 50

As URY turns 50, James Brookes celebrates the last half century of University Radio York.  James will count backwards one year at a time playing the biggest hits, discussing the new events and crazes and the important moments in URY history until he reaches 1968 at the end of the summer term.

Matt's Friday Sound
Music you want to listen to. All the latest chart hits, mixed with a bit of rock, added indie and topped off with some good old classics. I don't play R&B. Don't forget - you can win CDs and other stuff by emailing/texting the answers to the Brainteaser, and Back-To-Back Tracks. Also - On This Day, find out what exciting things happened on this day of the year, throughout history. Go to my microsite - there are more details, games, the Brainteaser answers, a blog and more.
The Stax Soul Scene
Michael Thackray presents the definitive guide to one of the most influential pop music movements in the modern era. Expect interviews with some of the biggest names in the genre, plenty of history and plenty of hits.
The Sounds of Time

A music show taught like a history of art class, looking at how movements in history, politics, art, and fashion influenced different genres of music. And, much like in a history of art class, it effects you and what you listen to way more than you'd think.

A Tribute To Radio Free Europe

This show will pay a tribute to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the propaganda station that started during the Cold War and is still on air in some countries. Eevery week we'll learn of a short interesting story from RFE's golden days. For each show we'll have music from a different decade.

The Hip Hop Years

A mixture of fine beats and a tale woven across episodes of a movement that changed music – from its beginnings in the block parties of the 1970s to the golden age of the late '80s and modern day manifestations.

Brunch-time Nostalgia Hour
Join Dave counts down a top 40 from this week back in history. Music connoisieurs beware - memories may cause disturbance ;-)
The LGBTQ Revue

A fortnightly insight into the LGBTQ scene at York. Feauturing a panel of network representatives, students guests, and presenter Jack Elliott, we'll be discussing topical issues and news items, looking at LGBTQ history and maybe even throwing a few quizzes your way!


Sextended is a taboo tackling talk show, brand new for this academic year.


A wonderful taboo-busting hour, stay tuned and message in to tell us your views each episode...

Waldorf and Statler 6 Decades

A truly eclectic mix of music and chat from URY's oldest presenters who last presented a show as students in June 1976. We aim to cover the history of our relationship with music, children, wives etc.  Basically, we're grown-ups pretending we're not. This time we promise not to try origami on the radio.

(((The Art of Lunch)))
Self aclaimed music whore Maks F-M gets cooking that Bass and adding some Soul while rhyming with some HoA (yeah that is History of Art).
Hello Show

It is a test show. Named after the famous Hello World program written by all programmers in history.

Music Team Presents: Cardiacs Special
Daddsy explores the music and history of British punk-proggers Cardiacs. Expect interviews, musical highlights, influences and much more...
Tzars on 45

Mike and Dvaid, being two retreads back for the weekend, attempt to relive their URY youth by digging old stuff out of the URY record librray. Anything could happen once we find the Chicken Song on 7" vinyl.

URY Evening Selection: Gold
The best (and sometimes worst) of pop music history. Get your requests in now by emailing gold@ury. View show playlists, history of URY Gold and presenter Biogs by going to the Microsite.