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AM in the PM
1 radio show. 2 men. 10,000 students. Infinite truths. Love, war, economics, history, culture, sports, all topics lightly skimmed over in this humorous and entertaining show crammed full of heartfelt, though occasionally pointless and rambling chat. Perfect for background noise in almost any intimate or social environment. X.
Brunch-time Nostalgia Hour
Join Dave counts down a top 40 from this week back in history. Music connoisieurs beware - memories may cause disturbance ;-)
Hearing Aid 2008
The biggest collaborative event in the history of UK student radio, Hearing aid is a national week long charity event orchestrated by the SRA. We'll bring you the highlights from events held around the country.
Matt's Friday Sound
Music you want to listen to. All the latest chart hits, mixed with a bit of rock, added indie and topped off with some good old classics. I don't play R&B. Don't forget - you can win CDs and other stuff by emailing/texting the answers to the Brainteaser, and Back-To-Back Tracks. Also - On This Day, find out what exciting things happened on this day of the year, throughout history. Go to my microsite - there are more details, games, the Brainteaser answers, a blog and more.
Music Team Presents: Cardiacs Special
Daddsy explores the music and history of British punk-proggers Cardiacs. Expect interviews, musical highlights, influences and much more...
Music Team Presents: Radiohead Special
Steve Gardner documents the rise and rise of Radiohead, exploring their history and impact upon the music industry. He'll also take a look at other highlights of Oxford's music scene, including Youthmovies and Foals.
(((The Art of Lunch)))
Self aclaimed music whore Maks F-M gets cooking that Bass and adding some Soul while rhyming with some HoA (yeah that is History of Art).
Today history is made as YUSU launch our new bar - join URY live from Langwith for your VIP ticket.
The History of URY
Former Station Manager Gill Rickson presents everything you need to know about the last 40 years of University Radio York. Produced by former Programme Controller Matt Wareham.
The Stax Soul Scene
Michael Thackray presents the definitive guide to one of the most influential pop music movements in the modern era. Expect interviews with some of the biggest names in the genre, plenty of history and plenty of hits.
URY Evening Selection: Gold
The best (and sometimes worst) of pop music history. Get your requests in now by emailing gold@ury. View show playlists, history of URY Gold and presenter Biogs by going to the Microsite.
URY Speech - The Sunday Roast
A variety of original student written and created content from comedy shows, to dramas and documentaries. Head to the Speech page to find out whats on
'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 1: 1645
URY's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks! ‘England, May 1645: The civil war that has torn England apart between King Charles I and Parliament is nearing its bloody conclusion — and in the English countryside, a stranger seeks his old love and finds there is a son whom he has never seen...’ You would be excused, perhaps, for thinking that this is the introduction to a thrilling historical drama. And you'd be dead right. Yet this is not the history you know, for the world has turned on to a new and deadly path. With breath-taking imagination, Ben Jeapes has wrenched the familiar flow of English history out of its course and made it into something else, something entirely other. There is a third force, an entirely alien force — the Holekhor — who have martial powers of their own, their own religious leaders who command mysterious and strange forces, and who bring with them technology that should not have been seen in England for another three hundred years... Prepare to be astounded. History will never be the same again.’ Described by the Sunday Times in 2004 as "Without doubt the best science fiction book of the year”, the national award winning drama team at University Radio York has the privilege of the first ever dramatization of this incredible novel. With an incredible cast of around 30 talented student actors and a specially composed score recorded by an ensemble fine student musicians this two part feature length drama brings you, through the power of radio, scenes to rival Hollywood epics as well as an intimate portrait of historical figures and beautifully crafted characters in a world turned on its head. NOTE: This production is only going to be broadcast once and will not be available on our on demand service.
'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 2: 1651
niversity Radio York's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, which sees the English Civil war turned on its head when a third force enters the battle in this alternative history thriller. Six years have past since the events of Part 1 and an uneasy peace has been agreed. But with the arrival of The Dommonel and missionaries from Golekh englands peace stands on a knife edge. Based on the acclaimed novel and available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks!
The Hip Hop Years

A mixture of fine beats and a tale woven across episodes of a movement that changed music – from its beginnings in the block parties of the 1970s to the golden age of the late '80s and modern day manifestations.

New Morning

Tom Morello once said that ‘every successful, progressive, radical or revolutionary movement that has ever been seen has had a great soundtrack’. We bring you these soundtracks. Each week we have a different theme and movement, playing the songs that have provided impetus for change and given people a voice. 

A Tribute To Radio Free Europe

This show will pay a tribute to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the propaganda station that started during the Cold War and is still on air in some countries. Eevery week we'll learn of a short interesting story from RFE's golden days. For each show we'll have music from a different decade.

The LGBTQ Revue

A fortnightly insight into the LGBTQ scene at York. Feauturing a panel of network representatives, students guests, and presenter Jack Elliott, we'll be discussing topical issues and news items, looking at LGBTQ history and maybe even throwing a few quizzes your way!

The History Programme with Jack Staples-Butler

The History Programme explores a new historical topic each week with insightful analysis by presenter Jack Staples-Butler, a URY News veteran and history enthusiast. Visiting a new place on the timeline of human history every episode, the programme will feature investigation and explanation of diverse epochs, movements and personalities. From the late Roman Republic and the assassination of Julius Caesar, to Henry VIII and the Reformation, to the Second World War and the Swinging Sixties, The History Programme takes listeners to the heart of enthralling and divisive historical arguments and debates with the perspectives of experts and eminent scholars living and dead. History is the constant dialogue of past and present - come and join the discussion. 

Eleanor Mason's Time Warp

Time travelling show, with each show set in a different decade. Featuring music, guests and time travel that is completely real and not at all relying on the cheap tool that is your imagination.


A look at the history of alternative music from the beginnings of avant-garde classical through to modern post-rock and other genres, presented by The Nightwarbler.


The rivalry between York and Lancaster has a long history, full of conflict. Stemming from the War of the Roses that caused decades of civil war in the fifteenth century, this fierce rivalry lives on in the form of the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe.

This year, #RosesAreWhite.

The Film Show

Weekly show in which we dissect and discuss the very best cinema and a smattering of recent releases. With regular features on the history of cinema, special guests and a good selection of the very best film music.

Transmission's Midnight Tales

Join Sophie and James for a special late night Transmission. Back in our original slot, we will be telling tales of musical history and playing hosts of classic tracks. Potential themes for each show are the stories of iconic bands, musicians or albums, the evolution of genres and record labels.

Speed Limit: C

A mix of good music, chat, quizzes and a fun look back at the University's scientific history. To celebrate the Physics department's 50th!