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The Wellington Tea Party
Good music, an interesting guest and an amazing radio soap. Jess and Laura started on URY by writing the radio soap for the YUMA winning "Amazing Josh and Russell Show". They now want to branch out on their own with an hour-long show featuring an interview with a campus "celebrity" and a radio soap called the "Halifax Pirates" which will feature the brightest and best of DramaSoc. Erudite and occasionally silly, this will be a fun factual, speech show with a few corking tunes.
URY Newshour

 The stories making campus headlines. Plus reaction and analysis from the national award-winning URY News team

The History Programme with Jack Staples-Butler

The History Programme explores a new historical topic each week with insightful analysis by presenter Jack Staples-Butler, a URY News veteran and history enthusiast. Visiting a new place on the timeline of human history every episode, the programme will feature investigation and explanation of diverse epochs, movements and personalities. From the late Roman Republic and the assassination of Julius Caesar, to Henry VIII and the Reformation, to the Second World War and the Swinging Sixties, The History Programme takes listeners to the heart of enthralling and divisive historical arguments and debates with the perspectives of experts and eminent scholars living and dead. History is the constant dialogue of past and present - come and join the discussion. 

URY:PM - Peculiarities

Fab journey to discover the wonders of the world and universe, without having to move from the sofa. Anything bizarre, magical, or exceptional analysed to bits - how it changes the world from fashion and design to politics and economy. Like Nautilius, we will submerge into the unknown and meander in phenomenal. With a bit of luck afterwards we will at least appear to be knowledgeable and enlightened individuals.

Every week a new topic with games, interviews and discussions!  

Love Factually

All about love!! A range of wonderful pannelists each week and fabulous love songs. We discuss the link between love and different subjects. A feel good show with lots of laughs.