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Page one (we don't explain names)

'Page one (we don't explain names)' is an easy-going and fresh take on radio, featuring the brave Matt and handsome Will in talks about our lives and life in general. If you've ever wondered what radio sounds like, now's your chance. Do as everyone else will be doing: tune in and die!

Music will be peachy and brilliant. 

Simmer down Sunday

Grab a hot drink and a biscuit, and take some time to relax on Sunday. An hour of easy-going songs from any decade and genre, intermixed with chat about the week gone by with commentary on any and all news.

"What a Shambles!"

Mismatch of the eclectic musical tastes of Alice and Jack, accommpanied by easy-going chat along with quizzes and the odd game. 

Breakfast: The Hangover Cure

Ease your way into your Sunday morning by joining Joe, James, Sam & Ross for two hours of fun-fuelled chat, outrageous anecdotes and music that will turn that hangover into yesterday's news.