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That Untitled 80s Experience
In which the pilot episode of a series offering alternating playlist of 80s classics and current chart hits is broadcasted.
Super Radio 64
Your first stop for computer game music from some of the best games that I can think of, ranging from retro to current generation.
What Matters, with Clark Brydon

Today's world is so dense, ever-changing, and fast: the amount of notifications we get to our phones every day is overwhelming, but what really matters? Tune in for current affairs chat, space for reflection on the salient news, and some music to break up the mundanity of it all! 

URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
The Children's Hour
If you don't like this song, wait for the next one. As eclectic as is possible. I'll be playing leftfield hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, acid, ragga, psych rock, genuine indie, lots of music from the currently burgeoning weird-folk scene, reggae, dub, world music and Tom Waits. I will also report back from the many gigs I attend with examples of what was played.

Capturing the eclectic nature of pretentious tomfoolery and japes from Daisy Hale and Bryony Cleary. With a current buzzword every week, we talk (more often fight) about music, movies and the current fragility of our ecosystem in the face of growing climate change. 

Pedro's Crate

A continuous review of all the sounds I've managed to collect so far alongside current discoveries and explorations. Lots of funk, the occasional disco and the everlasting hip-hop.

URY on BBC Radio York: Return to Universities

Liam joins Beth McCarthy on BBC Radio York to discuss Yorkshire universities returning to campus in the current situation.

URY:PM - The Teatime Trio

Join Al, George and Steve, the trio that will bring you teatime treats in the form of a variety of music (new, popular... heck sometimes even a bit out there) and chat about current events and news, both from campus and the wider world.

URY Evening Selection:There's Something About Nana
Special guests, lots of requests and friendly chat, with an occasional current affairs twist.
Things Can Only Get Better

Plenty of music and chat to help get you through the day!

URY Does The US Election

Join URY for all the highs and lows, cutting edge analysis, and bland impartiality as we discover who is the new leader of the free world.

Tune in to the two Hannahs as they bring you the weeks weird & wonderful news stories, some groovy tunes & a trip to yesteryear!
((URY)) Breakfast with Dave Williams: Series VI
Dave returns with URY's answer to caffeine. Refreshing features, current affairs (serious...or not)and eclectic music that you can have your say in!
Cez Radar
Current affairs catch ups, What's on and
Arts and music reviews!

PM: Hometime with Towells

Hi! I'm Towells. I'm currently self-isolating, because I was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. So, what better to do than to resurrect my old show about being at home? Join me for two hours of trying not to get FOMO too bad.

Oscars 2018 Live

Join us for 6 hours long discussion on dresses, films, music and current social trends while we commentate on the Oscars 2018 ceremony, all live!


PolChat is a unique show where we invite guests to discuss current affairs and contemporary issues. We aim to provide you with impartial and informative debate, so that you can be convinced by what is discussed. 

The Wrong Stuff

Welcome to the Current Affairs show for those who don't care about Current Affairs. With one ordinary man on a street, a semi-knowledgable co-presenter, and a sarcastic sidekick, The Wrong Stuff team will take you through the major events of the week in a lighthearted way that will show that they sort of know what they're talking about...I think. 


Stage is the URY show for all things student theatre! We'll bring you the latest theatre news on campus with up to date reviews, opportunities and exclusive previews for the newest DramaSoc plays, CHMS musicals and more! Tune in every Saturday for your theatre fix.

Spring Clean out
A recap of the current popular songs at the moment and some great old ones.
The Ultimate Feminist Show

Sarah and Scarlet discuss all things feminism from periods to sports and all things in between

Featuring a variety of guests, it's your ultimate guide to modern day feminism!

Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

General chit chat on the latest news, current affairs and gossip. Informal show with lots of good music!


Name of the show courtesy of Mr Will Batchelor 

URY Speech: Screen

The weekly film review show, where we discuss the current releases on the big and small screen.  Joined by different guests every week, listen to our speculations and opinons on all things film, and be prepared for us to go very off topic!

Chat Politics

Chat Politics is a unique show where we invite guests to discuss current affairs and contemporary issues. We aim to provide you with impartial and informative debate, so that you can be convinced by what is discussed.