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6 of the Best
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
6 OF THE BEST: Slightly Scouse Special!
Half a dozen hits to showcase the city by the Mersey.....
6 OF THE BEST: Songs For A Sunny Day
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
Colour Bar City

LIVE Electrancity with Oli Howlett
My weekly live DJ set of the very best progressive, melodic and uplifting trance.
Old Fridges Can Kill
A collection of obscurities, netlabel offerings and vinyl trash. Old Fridges Can Kill aims to bring you quality Creative Commons music (because the good things in life CAN be free), overlooked gems and the occasional noise you never knew you never wanted to hear, all in good fun. This show is the only place you'll hear some of these tunes, such is their scarcity. You'll never know until you try.
RAG Parade 2006
URY live from York City Centre
RAG Parade: LIVE
URY is in York city centre live for the 2009 RAG Parade. Broadcasting from outside the toilets, we provide the loud noise for one day only. Shoppers won't know what has hit them.
The URY Football Show with James and Dan
James and Dan deliver your weekly football fix. Expect news, views and everything else related to the beautiful game, along with some great music too!
URY: 24/7
Unpack your stuff, sit back and relax to the best easy listening tunes. Welcome back to your favourite city and of course your favourite radio station.
Welcome to the Circus
Ska, old stuff like Trex,
Electronic, Gypsy, Polka and Swing, a touch of Folky-Rock, Poems and Speech- the best medical potion on radio.
Bad Publicity
There IS such a thing as bad publicity, and it's right here! Join Mark and Sam as they take you through the best and worst in music, films and games. Featuring news, reviews and 'hilarious recommendations', Bad Publicity is your one stop show for fun and informative entertainment!
The Big Machine
An insight into the world of the songwriter, ranging from the burgeoning electro-indie scene to the simplicity and longevity of acoustic heartache. Come have a listen if you've ever wondered how songs are crafted, from start to finish.
Kiltie Pleasures with Jonny

A chat show playing songs from across the border with some fun games alongside it. Playing songs with a Celtic hint from Calvin Harris to the Bay City Rollers. Making sure that you'll jig to these Kiltie Pleasures on URY! 

Pep Talk

A Manchester United fan, a Manchester City fan and, with any luck, various guests with extremely varying levels of knowledge about football look back on the previous week of the beautiful game

She Wants a Man from Brum

Bringing you the finest sesh-material straight out of the Second City, join URY's resident self-proclaimed 'Man From Brum' as he takes you on a musical journey featuring Brum artists and an ecclectic mix of generally great songs!

URY:PM - computing.doRadioShow();

You'll be longing for the sweet simplicity of a Sine wave.

URY Speech: The Culture Show

The latest in arts, food and drink in the University and wider city of York.

The Culture Show

A show covering all things arts, and history, in and around the city of York. Featuring a special guest (or two). Come listen to us discover things you want to know, and many things you probably didn't want to know bi-weekly!

Speech Showcase: Red on Yellow

A Sci-Fi murder mystery podcast set in a dystopian city where a lone robot seeks to solve a 100-year old cold case created by a thrid year University of York Theatre student Reginn Kolbeinsson


Listen in for the first 6 episodes over the next three weeks or listen to it now on Spotify or on the Red and Yellow podcast website: https://reginnk.wixsite.com/redonyellowpodcast


Back in the early 2000s, DAB services were struggling to launch across the UK. Spare capacity on the Muxes had to be filled with something... So... It was filled with the best radio station ever to be broadcast in the UK. With a cultlike following, "Birdsong", the looped recording of birds singing gaily was recorded in the garden of then Digital One chairman Quentin Howard. It achieved a cult following from people who found it much more interesting to listen to than Jazz FM.


I can't play you that recording... Because I don't own the copyright and can't be bothered to email someone to get it. What I can do, is every Wednesday morning for 2 hours, set up my microphones in a wood, park or centre of town and well... Send you live audio of... That... You could just open a window... But get real here... You're not going to do that are you....



All Things Considered with Kim and Sania

All Things Considered with Kim and Sania is a fun and friendly chitchat podcast that delves into deep conversations about life at university and navigating the world in your late teen/early twenties. 

College Sport Catch-Up

Your weekly catch up on the week's sporting action on campus and beyond, as the sports team Ollie and Matt chat to guests representing the university's sports teams and societies - accompanied by some music and our signature quiz. 

Rockin' All Over The World

From Manchester to Melbourne, Cockermouth to Cairo and Brighton to Beijing, Rockin' All Over The World will take on a brand new destination every week. Join Lottie, Rosie and Alex as we consider the tunes and culture of each week's location in a fun filled hour of enjoyment, discussion and debate. 

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

The Christmas special of Rockin' All Over the World!

Tune in as Lottie, Rosie and Alex play their favourite songs from the North Pole, with some festive trivia and chats about their Christmas traditions.