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Let's set the scene; it's the 1960's, we landed on the moon, JFK died, and a whole load of other stuff. Most importantly the internet was born. We now have the wonders of twerking, the one pound fish man, zoidberg and a whole load of cats. And now in the year 2013 a new phenomenon is born. A show with two women, two women who have one objective, and one objective only. To celebrate all things about t'internet.

Alex and Anna's AM Antidote

Alex Osborne and Anna Henley wake you up and get your day off to a winner with challenges, laughs and (as ever) the most ecclectic music taste this side of Willow.

Alex and Anna's PM Antidote

All of the fun and frolicks of our AM Antidote but shifted later into the day. Let's face it, exams are over, you're not going to be out of bed much before noon anyway.

Wake up happy with Anna Henley and Alex Osborne.

Yorking Heads 1968 Two Hour Special!!

Celebrating the week we were born as an official station, I'll be playing some of the absolute gems that came out in 1968. We will also be delving in to the events of the year and of course, commemorating an historic day in your favourite station's history! 

20 in '22

I was born 20 years ago today! so while i spiral with existenital dread why not fill the airwaves with some funky tunes from 2002.