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PRIMETIME: The Impromptu ABC
Wil Bennett and David Lindley bring you some great tunes, with zero planning and in alphabetical order.
The Tom and Joe Alphabet Show
Music and topical discussion based around a different letter of the alphabet every week.
The Wordsmiths World of Words
Every week we the show will be themed around a different letter of the alphabet. like seasame street. But on the radio. With music.
URY:PM - Thane and Lucy (in for Steve)

Thane and Lucy fill in for Steve every week, with segments including middle-aged moment, welsh word of the week, popular BNOC happenings, and photoshop-op

URY:PM: Britt Happens

Join me for 2 hours of tunes, banter and general laughs. Each weekly show will explore a new alphabet letter as the theme, focusing on music, news and general gossip for which ever A-Z is The Chosen One! Featuring guests, games and guaranteed to make you smile! 

Alumni Shows: AZ With Maz

Myself and my co-host will be educating each other on various topics, each show is centered around a different letter of the alphabet and will feature topics and songs/artists beginning with that letter. 

Alphabet Mashup

a funky mix of songs and chat focusing on a different letter of the alphabet each week... be prepared for top tunes and brilliant bants with your favourite radio duo! 


Every week we discuss different medical conditions along with social, political and economic issues affecting the NHS, with each week featuring topics exclusively beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Each week I will be joined by medics to bust myths, offer advice and discuss pivotal issues affecting 21st century healthcare.

Please tune in and we welcome messages from far and wide!

DISCLAIMER: Please contact licensed medical professionals if you have any concerns about your health.