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Playing a variety of bass based tunes from drum and bass to post-dubstep. Listen in for classic tracks as well as new releases.
Breakfast with Sean
Getting you up and keeping you up every day this week with the best new music and classic tracks.
Broken Beats
An introduction to 'broken beats'. Music to dance to without the menacing undertones of urban aggression (drum n bass is so last year) or the pounding monotony of chart dance tracks (what's the point?). Trust me, you'll love it.
Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
Celebrities, Entertainment, Music! Heaps of hot pop, new-wave and electro tracks with entertainment news, gossip and breaking stories wedged between.
Chicken soup for the soul!
A delectable and delicious blend of dance chillout. mixed with amazing acoustic tracks from both well known and underappreciated artists! Perfect for a lazy day or as a hangover cure!.
Christopher Fraser
Presenting a laid-back mix of songs plucked from obscurity, and tracks from yesteryear that might have passed you by.
ClownTown with Mario & Pran
A selection of modern and classic tracks. mixed up with random banter from the Wear and Tear of Student Life...
Coco Electro
Beats, bass and badass chat. Tune in for an hour of fine electronic dance music, fresh with exclusive tracks, mixes and slices of Coco musings.
Delay No More!
Take an hour out of your day to have some fun, learn about music and maybe even move your body. Mike and Cherry will play a selection of upbeat, alternative tracks - old and new - designed to get you dancing round your kitchen and enjoying yourself. Hopefully there will be some bands you've heard of and some you haven't. With news about gigs, upcoming releases and general gossip, there will be all you need to find and follow Your New Favourite Band.
The best new music and classic tracks.
FocusMusic: Circulation Magazine Show
New Music. Join the Circulation Magazine team as they play the latest tracks and debate issues in the world of music.
Front-ears goes Fourth – Cote Anglais
((URY))'s long-established and notorious International Music Show «Front-ears» ventures into the Fourth Dimension. Eddie Ferrero - The Ambassador of International Music, manages once again to bring you his quality selection of tasty tracks from all corners of the globe in the first hour. Then back to surreality at Club Rocher for a recharged and royally restless sixty minutes of electronica and dance music spanning all auto-gyratable genres. Joined by reputable presenters Janós Bene – The Midnight Messiah and Spunky Teen – Ollie Harvey, expect exclusive everything on all corners of the show.
Let's Get Liminal

An hour of minimal techno complemented by radiophonic music, sound experimentation and obscure sixties soundtracks.

A revolving door of guests that help choose tracks and keep the show fresh. Listener interaction and light-hearted banter with games, music and an healthy dose of insanity.
Man In A Shed
Your weekly adventure in sound! Each week I'll be presenting an hour's worth of classic tracks based on a different particular genre or theme, from classic British post-punk, to East Coast hip-hop, to 60 jazz, soul and funk, and everything in between. If you're already a fan of the weeks special focus then you're sure to hear some of your favourites. If you're not, then the show will be a great way to start! This week, for the debut, I'll be playing a set of great 70s and 80s British post punk and shoegaze, so expect an hour of Joy Division, Public Image Limited, The Cure, Siouxsee and the Banshees, The Fall, Wire, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and more awesomeness! Listener participation is always appreciated, so if you have a personal post-punk favourite, then please, request it on air and I'll see if I can fit it in.
Matt's Friday Sound
Music you want to listen to. All the latest chart hits, mixed with a bit of rock, added indie and topped off with some good old classics. I don't play R&B. Don't forget - you can win CDs and other stuff by emailing/texting the answers to the Brainteaser, and Back-To-Back Tracks. Also - On This Day, find out what exciting things happened on this day of the year, throughout history. Go to my microsite - there are more details, games, the Brainteaser answers, a blog and more.
Mildly Offensive with Chris & Cem
Banter, Hot tracks & two hot young men!
A power-hour of the finest and most diverse alternative rock the current scene has to offer. We as broadcasters are passionate about a genre we believe to be under-represented in York, and our reaction to this is an hour of the relevant tracks from genres ranging from pop-punk, emo, hardcore and progressive.
North Vs. South
North or South? Show your allegiance to your side of the country. Listen to the only music show that sees the country divided in a banter-lead battle of the best of the British music scene, past and present. Hannah (of the North) and Charlie (of the South) attempt to argue their way to an unresolved conclusion every week as they fight to prove that their respective ends of the country shaped the face of British music. Alternate tracks help to make their points along with special guests and North/South divide based facts and news.
Number Ones at One
Katie Sherry plays you the tracks that got to number 1 in the UK singles track. Fancy a song? Give Katie a call and she'll play it... provided it's a number one of course!.
Off The Beat and Tracks
An 'anti-chart' show, exposing
the gems in new music that THE MAN won't play.

Mantra: To catch the freshest frequencies whilst they're still foetuses
Progeny End of Year Special
Playing out the best tracks from the past two terms, Progeny delivers a final dose of prog to see you through 'til Autumn.
Revenge of the Killer Soundtracks
The masters of all things soundtrack related, David and Matt, bring you the very best of music from Film, Musicals, TV & Video Games, playing everything from Tchaikovsky to the Teletubbies. We also purvey the finest film news that can be plundered from the interweb, and fill in the gaps with our unique brand of humour and chat. If you miss this show, THE SOUNDTRACKS WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE!.
Revenge Of The Killer Soundtracks
From Tchaikovsky to the Teletubbies, we'll play practically anything from Film, TV, Theatre, Video games, and anything else that has a soundtrack. We also have the finest film news that can be found anywhere, so come join us for a weekly soundtrack spectacular!.