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3LOUD mouth's and Jack
Informal current affairs chat, with outrageously contraversial opinions on any issue you want to talk about!! A perfect way to start a weekend!!.
Chris and Hilary Get You Started
Politics, music, books and...probably some features, this is a good wind-down from the week just gone with a serious discussion and stupid jokes all in one big brilliant mixing pot.
Dan and James
Your week starts here with URY's Officially Most Listened to show of 2009.
If you like dance music this is the show for you! from house to dubstep to drum and bass, this is the best way to kickstart your weekend
Dance Anthems
Matty J kick-starts your weekend with the latest and greatest from the world of House, Electro and Big-Room Dance Anthems!
Inter-Continental Breakfast - Europe
Around the world in 80 plays. Our Phileas Fogg of the frequencies - Eddie Ferrero - takes you on a musical Round the World tour; throughout the course of the first week back of the decade. Today: he starts your tour in currently sub-zero Europe.
Internet Killed The Radio Star
Music when the lights go out. York's official music and relationship helpline. A showcase of the best indie music - old and new, amongst idle chit-chat about everything from music to how to keep your relationship alive (or how to get one).
Little Miss Dreamer
Starting off your week with Little Miss Dreamer
Man In A Shed
Your weekly adventure in sound! Each week I'll be presenting an hour's worth of classic tracks based on a different particular genre or theme, from classic British post-punk, to East Coast hip-hop, to 60 jazz, soul and funk, and everything in between. If you're already a fan of the weeks special focus then you're sure to hear some of your favourites. If you're not, then the show will be a great way to start! This week, for the debut, I'll be playing a set of great 70s and 80s British post punk and shoegaze, so expect an hour of Joy Division, Public Image Limited, The Cure, Siouxsee and the Banshees, The Fall, Wire, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and more awesomeness! Listener participation is always appreciated, so if you have a personal post-punk favourite, then please, request it on air and I'll see if I can fit it in.
Retrospectre 95 with Din 'n' Matt
Join Matt the Walking Existential Crisis and Din the Magic Mole for the only way to Start(tm) your Friday evening! "Don't DOS around, tune in!~"
ROSES 2008: Live from Lancaster
URY and Lancaster University's Bailrigg FM join forces to bring you live coverage of the biggest inter-university sports event of its kind outside of the boat race. Expect results as they happen, interviews with the star performers and much more.
Roses 2009: Dylan Jones
Starting your day the very best way - Live from the field it's the Dylan Jones Show.
Thank Foxy It's Friday!!!
Expect anything and everything from URY's head of Foxiness! Bringing you chat and new (and classic!) music galore to start your weekend off with a flourish.
The Bandwagon
Don't just jump on it, listen to it. Starting with one artist on the show, we'll then move on to others, which are similar, or relate - past and present, from new wave to Nu rave. Introducing listeners to a wealth of new music - broadening people's opinions.
The Indie Hot-Pot
A stew of classic rock served with hot new wave potatoes. All the best of the 60s alongside current mainstream and alternative rising stars, inbetween chirpy back and forth about everything from waistcoats to water features.
The Old Fashioned Music Show
That's right, Tim's back with his trad jazz mix - though he'll probably stray back into the 1920s, too, cos he's that cool. A relaxing start to a hectic term.
The Sunday Roast: YorWorld
The weekly magazine show featuring interviews with the stars and influential people in the entertainment industry, Live Music, and previews/reviews of Dramasocs latest productions!
The Wellington Tea Party
Good music, an interesting guest and an amazing radio soap. Jess and Laura started on URY by writing the radio soap for the YUMA winning "Amazing Josh and Russell Show". They now want to branch out on their own with an hour-long show featuring an interview with a campus "celebrity" and a radio soap called the "Halifax Pirates" which will feature the brightest and best of DramaSoc. Erudite and occasionally silly, this will be a fun factual, speech show with a few corking tunes.
Thompson Twins--an unnatural love nest
The Thompson Twins—Buck and Chester—have bravely embarked on a geo-musical exploration of the vast lands in the northwest of North America, which were first surveyed by our great, great, great grandfather, "the Stargazer," David Thompson.
URY BREAKFAST: James Brookes
The best start to your weekend.
URY Breakfast: The Weekend Lie-in
The best start to your weekend
URY Breakfast: The Weekend Lie-In

The best start to your weekend.

URY BREAKFAST: The Weekend Lie-In
The best start to your weekend.
URY Breakfast: The Weekend Lie-in with James Brook
The best start to your weekend.
URY Breakfast: Wake Up With Lucy Lou
Helping you start your Sunday on the right foot.