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BooRY: A Spooky Story

Along time ago Ali and Michael were busy producing their horror special Yorknext, when one day they received a script so frightening it could never be aired on radio ever... until now.

Project Shiftshade

The strange show of secret stories continues with it's new title and new lease of life. Once the strange show of serendipity now confirmed the project. But who is running it? What's the end goal? What is actually happening? Questions whose answers we may never know. We'll just have to see and have to keep listening. Listening to the show by the humbled presenter Simon Asaert.

URY Brunch: Tales of the Phantasmagoria: The Final Tale

 A strange of show of tales and twists and for the final ever show there is the biggest twist of them all, for Alex has escaped and taken over from the Gatekeeper, will the Gatekeeper ever take back control, will Alex enjoy the power, and who will feed Nibbles the cat?

URY Speech Presents: Halloween Happenings

Tune in for a spooky show full of ghosts, ghouls and terrifying stories.  This live performance of a selection of haunting radio dramas is not to be missed, and will leave you shivering with fright!

Night Time Tales for Your Halloween Trails

Yet again, the spooky, kooky, Suzuki (no endorsement) night of Hallo'weenie is apon us.


The URY Speech Team is going to narrate your night of trick'n'treating with many haunting stories.


If you have a heart attack due to any story due to this show we are not liable, but also want to hear about it, cus damn son...