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URY Breakfast with Dave Williams: Series VII
An aromatic and refined blend of current affairs, motivational music, and intriguing trivia to get you ticking over of a morning. Lend me your ears...
Welcome to the Grind

It's all about dedication. It's all about hardwork. It's all about perserverence. It's about the Grind.

You can't keep up with your studies, your relationships are failing, you keep running out of money. All you have to do is Grind. 

This show is anything and everything about motivating you and helping you achieve the level of success you want. It could be depression, it could be anxiety, you could just be afraid of something. This show aims to help you not just by words, but also by helpful advice. So for everyone wanting to get past that fear, that anxiety, wanting to put an end to their depression, Welcome to the Grind!

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