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The final hour of our 2-week FM broadcast to celebrate the 40th anniversary of URY. A crammed studio will look back on the best moments of the fortnight and also the highlights of a brilliant year of radio.
Christmas For Thee 3 hour Special
A music show; everything from folk to techno via warm fuzzy pop songs and jangly americana. Interviews with artists, specials on some of the pioneers out there at the moment and reports back from sweaty pub gigs around "The North".
Fletcher and Ebdon's Eleventh Hour
Rescuing you at the last moment from a normal week
Spring Clean out
A recap of the current popular songs at the moment and some great old ones.
Tastes Like Burnt Yoghurt (Week 1)
Fun filled frolics with Laura Cress and Chris Hogg - may contain surreal ideas and spasmodic moments of hilarity.
The Circulation Radio Project
York's only music magazine presents a selection of their favourite tracks of the moment.
The Scott Show Select-Show
The weekday afternoon edition of the Sunday morning show. This is the only where we open our music archives in 'Chain Connection', where we analyse the news stories of the day, conduct live recipes you can do at home and cover the all so important 'Campus News' of the day. This and new artists, momentus covers and warm-up-to-the-weekend request fest.
The best music being played on URY at the moment.
URY:PM - Thane and Lucy (in for Steve)

Thane and Lucy fill in for Steve every week, with segments including middle-aged moment, welsh word of the week, popular BNOC happenings, and photoshop-op

The Harry Whittaker Show: Goodbye Andy and Bex

Time to...Say...Goodbye...Italian, Italian, Italian. The Harry Whittaker Show says farewell to Andy Lake and Producer Bex, as they ride off into the sun, with toddler jokes, yoghurt, and dog food falling off the horse behind them. Join the team for the final time, as they look back on some of their favourite moments, are joined by some old friends, and make you smile one last time. 

Cutting Shapes

Get ready for your night out in York with the best House/Future House out there (with a few classics thrown in for good measure) with your host Elliot Moran!

Includes the ARTIST SHOWCASE - three song segment from an artist I'm loving at the moment, on the half hour.

Don't miss out!


Spotlight brings you the best of the week's URY broadcasts, showcasing our station's best presenters and shows.

Sharing the most illuminating moments of speech and speaker-igniting tunes picked out by our specialist music presenters.

Let's Talk Telly

I'm a huge fan of all telly, but I am a conoisseur of reality television - X Factor, I'm a Celeb, the Apprentice; I love it all! From Honey G to that guy who called himself a shark on The Apprentice, reality telly is a key part of pop culture in 2017. So like it or not, I thought I'd devote an hour to chatting the best telly of the week with special guests, and of course playing all the best pop music of the moment!

URY 50

As URY turns 50, James Brookes celebrates the last half century of University Radio York.  James will count backwards one year at a time playing the biggest hits, discussing the new events and crazes and the important moments in URY history until he reaches 1968 at the end of the summer term.

So It Went

So It Went is a commentary on the moments of music history that shaped the landscape of todays modern sounds, between Harry (who knows things about music) and George (who doesn't). From the British Invasion to Madchester, and anything else we can think of, all will be discussed.

URY:PM - Two Awkward: Most Awkward


That Show Your Dad Likes

Does your dad love reading Amazon reviews? Forum posts about different Black and Decker drills? Well he might love this show! As we delve into the most banal corners of the internet to try and find some hidden meaning to everything. Failing this, we'll at least know the best way to make pancakes.  Weekly guests based on no logic at all, no format week to week beyond a theme we will decide in the moment. This will be the best worst thing you've ever listened to.