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Stuck in the Middle
Alex and Bethany are now SECOND YEARS! Tune in to follow us through our year :) Takes requests (as long as Alex approves)
URY:PM - Thane and Lucy (in for Steve)

Thane and Lucy fill in for Steve every week, with segments including middle-aged moment, welsh word of the week, popular BNOC happenings, and photoshop-op

Midweek Breakfast

It's the middle of the week, and your strength is begining to wane, but your timetable has not. You lie in bed, (within the boundaries of the University of York campus, the only place where URY can be heard), and you need a pick-me-up. Here I am, your best* legal resource for giving you the strength to face the morning.... by draining mine.

I have no experience, wit or charisma to speak of, but if you do at 8am then this show is not for you anyway.

That OB from....

In order too justify the vast expense of time, effort, and finances I have invested on my long range wifi antenna. I'm going to be doing a series of random outside broadcasts from locations in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how well I set up my kit, there may even be music and live interviews over skype/my mobile. Feel free too enable my eccentricities by listening.

I'm So Turned On Right Now: Autumn 2020

Like the nocturnal students we are, URY is emerging from it's COVID Cubby-hole in the middle of the night to kick off a brand new term of broadcasting.  Join our most sleepless presenters for an night (morning?) of light entertainment before your inevitable 9am welcome lecture. At least you won't have to get out of bed to attend...

A Classical Teatime

I, Isaac, wanted an excuse (as a proud Northerner) to drink ginger-infused tea by becoming a member of the upper-middle class. Keoni (a pensioner) wants to feel young again by utilising the vast array of "youf'" words he's learned at university to abuse me from the sidelines every time I make a mistake.

Together, we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Towells' Midweek Break

It's the middle of the week. You've been picked on in your webinar, the reading didn't make sense and even at double speed the lectures are beginning to drag. You deserve a break. Join Alex Towells for an hour of chill tunes and laid-back chat - go on, you've earned it.

A Beautiful Morning

Managed to drag yourself out of bed for a 9am Welcome Talk in the middle of Freshers' Week? Congrats! Grab a cuppa, and let Matt and Will accompany you for that bracing morning walk to the lecture hall.