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URY LIVE AT 5: The World According to Big Ben
Music from all over; weekly topic specials; live guests and music; sorting out the issues while we still know it all. You can expect pretty much everything on this show; tastes in tracks from indie to electro, alternative to pop classics. Special guests on our hot topics join Ben and the crew for live debates, live music and interviews, competitions and features such as the ever popular 'Random Track', 'Stupid American News', weekly appeals, and the legendary 'Fresher Divert'...
URY BREAKFAST: Tunes on a Spoon
The timings right and the rhymes are tight. Join Tom and Lewis for bangin breakfast banter, original jingles and fantastic features with a lovely injection of urban and hiphop tunes. Brand new features, more insane interviews with the likes of artists such as Beardyman, and more of those classic tunes you can't live without!.
YUSU Elections 2019: Election Results Night

URY and YSTV bring you all of the thrills and spills of YUSU's Election Results Night 2019 as it happens.

Warmup to Woodstock: Tom and Toast's 24hr Takeover
A dozen live bands in the URY studios, interviews from around the world, and guests in the studio come together for this Week 9 24-hour Warmup to Woodstock marathon, all in aid of York RAG.
The Local Lowdown

The URY Music Team welcome local artists to the studio for an interview and acoustic session. Tune in for some good quality music and chat!

URY Session Show
URY's Music Team interview and session a different act every week live.
Arctic News

Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water?
A: On a map! 

I solemnly swear it won't be as stupid as this joke. 

Candidate Interview Night 2012
On Candidate Interview night we quiz the hopefuls who want to represent YOU. Get your messages in to get your questions answered!
The Vice Chancellor on URY

With a term 1 unlike any other almost over, join URY News as they speak to both the Vice Chancellor and some representatives from student media about all that has occured and what the year ahead may look like.

URY Music: Interviews

The Music Team's Best Interviews from throughout the year!

Up and Coming
Tom presents an hour's show reviewing local up and coming bands, with live acoustic sessions and interviews.
J-J-James Hype Remix

Chess Warren sits down with world renound DJ James Hype, to talk all things music production, returning to performing, and more!

URY Gender Documentary

The URY Speech team invetsigates the role of gender identity in our society.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the different types of identity, and to address related topics such as the representation of gender in the media, politics, and law, as well as looking at the history of gender and personal perspectives from students.  Georgie Norgate interviews a variety of people to learn about their personal experience with gender and some issues they have come across as a result of their gender identity.

Mike Wallbank's Rockabilly Riot!

A show to turn even the lamest of squares into far-out foot tappers.

Over the course of the show, extreme levels of rockabilly will be pumped through the airwaves of URY, from Elvis Presley to The Big Bopper, all with the intention of providing maximum satisfaction.

The show will consist of anecdotes relating to the music in question, explorations into the popular themes and concepts of rockabilly/rock 'n' roll (such as a show dedicated to 'Death Discs'), as well as interviews with individuals who remember watching the rock 'n' roll stars of the 1950s in their heyday. Playing the big hits of the 1950s, as well as with the secret 7" golddust that's been hiding in the attic, this show will provide a roster of early rock 'n' roll and rockabilly that will make you want to turn your fringe into a quiff, your Volkswagen into a Cadillac, and your Carling into a Cherry Coke.

Folk Off!
Formally Off the Halls-this is a music show of folky goodness to entertain (and educate) the masses, and prove it's not all Morris Dancers...
FocusMusic: The Panel

A selection of URY's most discerning specialist music presenters gather to discuss the freshest and most interesting tracks of the week - with reviews, interviews and news from the local scene.

Arts Hour

Interviews of public and performers, news, live events, reviews, performative arts, spicy-recipes and musical magic.

The Sweetest Hour

The Sweetest Hour is presented to you by your host Sweet Taniks. On this show you can expect: an eclectic selection of music and rip-offs of popular podcast's games and discussion formats; including silly chats and interviews with other students here in York. 

Christine & The Queens Interview

Track-by-track interview with Christine & The Queens on her new album Chris for SRA's Album Party hosted by Fresh Air.

York Report
Join us for discussion and debate of the hottest issues on campus right now. Includes big interviews, Word on the Bridge and plenty of opportunities for you to get your view heard.
Let's Talk Theatre

Welcome to a one-off show on URY, in which Olly Hilton talks to several different theatre students about their upcoming final performance!

Live At Leeds 2019 Review Show

What went down at this year's Live At Leeds music festival?

Tune in to hear who we saw, a general outline of the day and even an exclusive interview!

Brought to you by URYMusic.

Celebrity interviews, local theatre reviews, live sessions and more everyweek in URY's magazine show!
Ask the Professor

The show invites members of academic staff to discuss everything between their speciality to favourite tea! Guests will also get the opportunity to choose records that they listened to when they were students and participate in quizzes on their own subject as well as ones they may not be so familar with...

People of York

Want to hear about the weird and wonderful things students and locals get up to in York? This is the show for you!