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3LOUD mouth's and Jack
Informal current affairs chat, with outrageously contraversial opinions on any issue you want to talk about!! A perfect way to start a weekend!!.
The Open Mike Night... with Tom and Mike
The show with more features than a face.

Join Tom and Mike for informal chat as we celebrate our musical diversity.
Your Opinion is Wrong

Jack and Callum square off every week and push their friendship to the limits with challenges and insults galore. Guests are invited on to join in the madness on Your Opinion is Wrong, featuring disagreements aplenty. 

Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

General chit chat on the latest news, current affairs and gossip. Informal show with lots of good music!


Name of the show courtesy of Mr Will Batchelor 

Anything Goes

A relaxed, informal and light hearted show in which we will discuss our favourite songs and artists. Occasinally current events relevant to students may be discussed.  

Upbeat Hour

Join Charlotte for an hour of the finest upbeat and motivational beats to help get you through the week! From Pop to anything at all - Upbeat Hour is your source for songs to put a pep in your step. Discussion may also be had...

Chats with Charlotte

Chats with Charlotte (and Co) is a informal show, where favourite tunes are shared, with some interesting conversations along the way. Requests are always welcomed and so is listener participation!