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Front-ears goes Fourth – Cote Anglais
((URY))'s long-established and notorious International Music Show «Front-ears» ventures into the Fourth Dimension. Eddie Ferrero - The Ambassador of International Music, manages once again to bring you his quality selection of tasty tracks from all corners of the globe in the first hour. Then back to surreality at Club Rocher for a recharged and royally restless sixty minutes of electronica and dance music spanning all auto-gyratable genres. Joined by reputable presenters Janós Bene – The Midnight Messiah and Spunky Teen – Ollie Harvey, expect exclusive everything on all corners of the show.
Front-ears goes Fourth – Cote Francais
Live from France, the ultimate music experience.
A radio show for York's Amnesty International group, promoting causes and actions the society is focusing on as well as promoting good music.
Marissa and Libby do American English
Marissa goes US on your ass, while Libby has tea and cake. And there's some music too.
Mike going solo
The better half of Mike and John goes it alone for an hour and a half of fun-filled radio. Expect new material, new games, all in preparation for a bright new term
Penny and a paperclip
Just music, anything goes
Music show where anything goes. Shape the show, with requests and reccommendations
Radio Rehab
Rock, pop and cheese, what more could you possibly wish for? A delightful mix of talking, mutterings, ramblings, on air challenges and interviews with reasonably interesting people. Anything goes really!.
ReCreational DJs

URY goes ReCreational with an hour of Funk, Soul and House.

Channel your inner 90s kid and listen in for all those hits you used to know and love from your past. Anything goes here.
Anything goes. Not confined to one genre, we like alternative music.
The New and Improved Phil Show
This one goes out to the one i love - join Amer and John for an earful of sound candy, with special guests, special banter and special music. If you're special, then tune in!.
This one goes out to the one i love
Slick, sexy and superfluous, a weekly entertainment show for the one i love!.
Tuesday and Belle do American English
Tuesday goes US on your ass, while Belle has tea and cake. And there's some music too.
World Club
URY's unique International Music/Electronica Show goes FM: profiling over the course of our fortnight-long special broadcast two of the world's most musically prolific regions in the world; the Caribbean during the first week, followed by the Tiger Economy (!) in the second... For those of you who do not know the format, expect foreign gems in the first hour, preceeding soothing to stomping beats in the second. With special guests, competitions and exclusive interviews, if you have taste, you will your ears a favour and tune in.
Pathetic Frequency
The theme is always: music that relates to that day's weather. Anything goes! Except silence, which is illegal to broadcast.
The Will Rawlinson Show

A music show that takes any kind of music.  Spanning across all kinds of the genres and finding our favourites.  From Van Morrison to Katy Perry, if you want it, we'll play it! 

George Cole's Funk and Soul

This is George Cole's Funk and Soul show! exploring the best of funk, soul, disco, acid jazz and rare grooves to stimulate your mind, body and spirit! from the roots of funk through to new releases, anything goes! this unique all vinyl show will have you popping and locking way into the night. featured artists include: funkadelic, Parlament, chic, roy ayers, bootsy collins, gil scott heron, zapp, the gap band, The crusaders, ohio players, brick, the meters, van mcoy, barry white, kool and the gang, the fatback band, earth, wind and fire and MANY MORE! 

Influence Hour

Each week I'll take a new up and coming band, group or artist and explore their music and the music that inspired their sound. Expect indie, folk, motown, rock, hip-hop, jazz, funk...anything goes.

Silly Random Stuff

A show where anything can happen! Get ready for fun, fails and fantastic guests as a differnet societies come in each week! Also enjoy our new game, Pie Sports where a sports society member must come in and complete challenges for the title of CHAMPION OF SPORTS! With plenty of variety, you will always find something you love in Silly Random Stuff!

Pardon my French

Pardon my French is one of those "anything goes" show. Haaaaaave you met me?  No? Than come and share my love of all things vinyl and hear what a feisty frenchman sounds like on radio.

All Things Go

A show based around your requests, "All Things Go" - If appropriate of course. The show will vary from all sorts of genres and we will play as many of your requests. We will also fit in a few of our own requests too, but make sure you listen in as you can take control this hour.

URY:PM - The Request Show with Cat & Steve

Anything goes with this two hour bonanza of music, chosen by you! Message in via the website or by text (07851 101313) to have your say in what gets played in the lead up to Thursday night!

Midnight Metal

From brand new metal tracks to old classics, anything goes in this weekly celebration of metal here on URY! Requests of any sub-genre are encouraged and we'll play as many as you can. As long as it's loud, we'll play it to liven up those quiet late-night study sessions.

The Eclectic Mix

I have never been able to actually say what my favourite genre is. When you look at my phone my music goes all the way from Iron Maiden to Earth, Wind and Fire, from James Bay to Black Eyed Peas. Therfore, id like to make a show that covers all the bases. With songs to get you in the groove, no matter what your style. There will be a song for you.