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An Hour with Grumpy Jim and Friends
An exciting Hour/half hour/two hours/ day/ year/ real age of Bruce Forsyth with your favourite Grumpy Scotsman - Jim, Yes, he's back and now he has friends.
Blind Peter Potomaic and the Friends of the Devil
All the great music that doesn't get aired. The best music you never heard.
Bryony Byrne
Noontunes seeks good listener at noon for good times and friendship, maybe more. GSOH necessary.
Dan, Harry and Friends
Dan and Harry bring you a range of music that Harry chooses and Dan has never heard of.
Fishy Bill & Friends

Madonna's People
Remember 'Mariah & Friends'? Well it just keeps getting better...
Mariah & Friends

noontunes seeks good listener at noon for good times and friendship, maybe more. GSOH necessary.
URY Lunch: The Tom and Joe Show
News, games and plenty of inappropriate giggles with York's famous sons. A festival for your ears with Tom, Joe and some slightly crazed friends.
URY Lunch with Chalk and Charles
It's all fun and games until somebody puts on Chalk and Charles...
The most entertaining show on student radio is back.
Warm Up To Kuda
Your chance to win ten VIP, free entry tickets to Kuda and a bottle of bubbly for you and your friends every week.
Warm-Up To Tokyo
Your chance to win ten VIP, free entry tickets to Tokyo and a bottle of bubbly for you and your friends every week.
Ben's Magical Sandwich Hour
Playing swing-house (swing style melodies with an electro twist), inbetween chatting with friends and home-made jingles.
URY Lunch with Chalk: Tequila Special
Join William Chalk and friends LIVE from the Courtyard as they give away Tequila to the masses. All in aid of ((URY))'s bid to win a free club night featuring the Maccabees and Hot Chip.
Thane and Lucy: in for a Treat

It's like Thane and Lucy: in for Steve, but better. This term we've given up on Steve, he was never there, emotionally or physically, so we moved on. We been so popular filling in for Steve that a few other people asked us to fill in for them. Here's a radio show about it.

The Harry Whittaker Show: Goodbye Andy and Bex

Time to...Say...Goodbye...Italian, Italian, Italian. The Harry Whittaker Show says farewell to Andy Lake and Producer Bex, as they ride off into the sun, with toddler jokes, yoghurt, and dog food falling off the horse behind them. Join the team for the final time, as they look back on some of their favourite moments, are joined by some old friends, and make you smile one last time. 

URY:PM with Ben - The Final Show

I could not be more totes emosh. My last EVER show on URY. And it's a 3 hour extravaganza. There will be fun, there will be music, there will be laughs and there will be emotion. I'll be bringing back all of the classic features - Wakeipedia, Play Your Facts Right, On This Day, Fashion Tip of the Week - and many more. Plus Carys and I will be joined by many friends of the show to join in the merrirment. It's not one to be missed. 

Light Refreshment - The Christmas Dinner

Join the team of Light Refreshment and friends for a very special Christmas dinner. Live from the house of Alex Light, join us for loads of terrible christmas music, loads of terrible christmas puns and even more terrible food. I wonder just how annoyed Alex's housemates wil get....

Goodbye Term One

Its almost Christmas so expect a few cheesy Christmas songs appearing, but also some band music from The Courtneers and Artic Monkeys along with a few old classics. I will be talking about the good and bad things which have occured throughout term one (mainly good!), the highlights and lowlights, and also what people are looking forward to next term! (More nights out, drinking and hopefully some sun shine towards the end). Possible interview from two friends hearing their favourite parts of term one and hearing about if they have learnt anything this term which they will not be doing next term.. spending all your loan in the first few weeks for instance. 

Brad and Liam's Musical Emporium

Bradley and Liam maestro a magical menagery of musical musings. Each week we'll put together a musical selection around a theme, and hopefully bring a few friends along to lend a helping hand. 

Your Opinion is Wrong

Jack and Callum square off every week and push their friendship to the limits with challenges and insults galore. Guests are invited on to join in the madness on Your Opinion is Wrong, featuring disagreements aplenty. 

Football Friends

Generally talking about all things football, with a focus on the Premier League but occasionaly dipping into other areas of the game. Upcoming games will be previewed, whilst recent results will also be reviewed, while playing a variety of different music in the process.

The Hangover Hour

Banging tunes or soothing music (depending on what I feel like) to ease you into the weekend. But let's be real, this show is probably for those hardcore party people just about to head off to bed and oh yes, the friends I am forcing to listen.

Bella and the Jets

Just for girls having a fun chat and playing a wide range of music 

YJ & Friends

Come listen to this American chat about life, love, heartbreaks, travel (or anything, really) with her friends. Sweet tunes included.