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The Comedy Soc's Comedy Hour of Comedy
The best of the best of Student Comedy. Join Edd and Simon for a compilation of the freshest and flightiest of York's own student comedy. (The Host, Edmund Robinson is a former student at the University having graduated in 2008, and will be remaining as a member of URY).
Midnight Massacre
A selection of the best club anthems and tunes
The EDM Show

Playing the biggest tracks in Electronic Dance Music, tune in for an hour of Dubstep, DnB, House and Electro.


Topic is an exotic fusion of Big Ideas, most directly from their owners, and modern electronic music. We'll be chatting about whether we can replace liberty with security, whether we're alone in the universe, and what, if anything, is the nature of the soul, interspersed with some brilliant new artists representing a complete spectrum of modern music, from EDM to singer-songwriter pop. It's a great mix of light hearts and big brains, we hope you can join us!

An Hour with Tom

I'm going to play you the music that I enjoy listening to during my day to day activities. I will also talk about the music. I'm Tom. 

In The House

A new show by Luke Burgess, former presenter of "The EDM Show". Tune if every week for one hour of the very best house, trance and electro muisic. 


It's late at night and verging on being the morning. However you don't feel like going to sleep! Got work to do? Stressed? Bored? Procrastinating? Geniunely have insomnia? Well then this is the show for you! Your hosts Dom Gould and Hector Macduff will attempt to tire you out for an hour with some heavy/ fast paced tracks, with a bit of witty banter in between ;)

Simon's Show of Serendipity

Such a strange show with so many strange occurences. This is a show where really anything can happen within reason. It is ill planned, ill excecuted and the host is strange, but as the title suggests in the future it may become better and better by chance and what you guys say! So, enjoy the music, enjoy the talk and be weirded out by those people who keep looking at you through your window... Really what are they looking at..?

The Bury Bunch

Join Peter Rogers and guests from the town of Bury St Edmunds for this one-off special bringing a little bit of Suffolk to URY.


From ashes of Core Blimey, Drop The Bass, and The Sunday Evening Headbang, we bring you Moshpit.

Join us for the best in metal and bass music, from post hardcore to hybrid trap, dirty breakdowns to crazy sound design and blast beats to 808s. All wrapped up with new features, the usual banter and the return of the Core Challenge.

Subtitles on Decks

In the mix for an hour of the best dance music including house and drum 'n' bass and much much more

Bithell & Barr

Join James & Adam for an exploration of a different genre each week: listening to everything from Christmas Pop to EDM with plenty of chat in between 

Alumni Shows: House Rules

The best of today's house music, and some classic throwbacks, live in the mix.

Friday Night In

Don't feel like going out tonight? Neither is Marks. Get ready to have a mini-rave in your very own bedroom.