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Blind Peter Potomaic and the Friends of the Devil
All the great music that doesn't get aired. The best music you never heard.
Chris's Metal Madness
Bailrigg's Chris does the best of metal.
Playing her way through a variety of alternative music including indie and drum and bass, Em brings you music to articulate life’s little dramas, providing a sound track for your every anecdote. You name it, Em does it.
Martin's late night final.
Every genre has awesome music. Don't believe me? Check it out and i'll definitely prove it to you. Except ska, ska doesn't make good music. You should also listen to my show if you never want to hear scouting for girls or the killers "Are we human" EVER AGAIN. week 2 - power pop is amazing week 3 - country can be good too week 4 - William shatner week 5 - Top gun and other power ballads week 6 - 2009 indie that will be good week 7 - 2009 indie that will be amazing week 8 - you totally didn't see these coming.
midnight snack
All the great music that doesn't get played enough. Basically, everything Radio 1 should be playing.
Smelly Chat
Does exactly what it says on the tin, ironically
The Daddsy Show!
A mixture of wierd and wonderful songs, and then the not so weird (but equally wonderful) ones. Playing old and new music that just doesn't get played on the major radio stations. Covering most genres from Post-Rock to Hip-Hop, and Electronica to Metal. Also Indie and selective pop.
The Graveshifters
Bringing in the day of rest with hectic tunes and banter. Answering questions such as "Does God lack an imagination considering how similar a cucumber and a courgette are?" while playing music from the highly acclaimed MP3 player....
The show that really does cover campus completely. Reviews and interviews of what's been going on in York and on campus.
The Welfare show
Does what it says on the tin - a slot for all your (loosely) welfare based questions, thoughts and insights... Mandatory hangover-beating tips + tunes.
This Charming Man
A window into my world. George Bouras returns to URY Ed-less this term, but armed with three months of pent up proverbial musical jizz, ready to shoot his load all over you. Ed may have moved on to bigger and better things, but don't worry, it doesn't look like George is getting headhunted anywhere soon. Listen in for the best in indie classics, brand, brand, brand new music, electro, hip-hop, pop, Belgian balladery - anything and everything. If it's been recorded and it's any good, we might just play it.
Will Wade does URY Breakfast
Listening brings an experience similar to taking receiving 60 minute back rub from all of willy wonkas umpa lumpas. A one off wake up show from the presenter of TinPot Radio. With some pimping tunage and spanktastic new features would you rather be anywhere else...
Your:Support Live
URY's answer to Dr. Frasier Crane. YUSU's Academic & Welfare Officer chats about student life and does her best to answer YOUR questions - 'phone, text or email about housing, money, safe sex, mental health or whatever's on your mind...
David Maguire: The Difficult First Show
David Maguire is not a particularly funny man. However, since he does know what buttons to press to make the playlist start, and which ones activate the self-destruct system, we are legally obliged to give him a show. Features URY's new "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss fighting back against metrosexuality by giving advice on how to become a more manly man, and some of the weakest humour since (insert easy Michael McIntyre joke here).
Big Cheese on Campus

The music equivalent of a shot at Willow, this show revels in the music which is so bad that it's kind of good. Rather than gently getting you through Monday, I instead will attempt to get you singing along to songs you hoped you'd forgotten the words to. Perfect for not doing work to, Monday evenings will never be the same again. DISCLAIMER: Monday nights will probably be the same as every other Monday as the presenter has no control over the days or weather or any cool powers like that (even though he thinks he does). The Presenter takes no liability for any injuries caused by people suddenly dancing to any of the tunes played or the insult that this show is to good music. Terms, conditions and yolo applies.

Matt Windsor's Entirely New-Music Based Radio Show

Matt from Retrospectre! does an hour of music released this year, for a challenge.

The Hang-On Show

The humble gents of "The Hang-On Show" aims at keeping the listener up-to-date with everyday life on campus, all while having a proper laugh at the nuances and oddities of life. We invite people on our show, present interviews, do sketches and hosts quizzes with great prizes! As if that is not enough, we'll help you out with any problem or dilemma you might be faced with in your life. Anonymous or not, we will do our outmost to help you. Oh, and there'll be music. And banter. And bananas.  

Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII

Join Harry Whittaker and Eiron Page, two self-professed American Football ignoramuses, as they attempt to make sense of the Super Bowl and offer an insightful play-by-play commentary on the events of the evening. Matt Bramall, who does know about the game, will be on hand to lend guidance and expertise where they are most desperately needed.

The Boy Does Nothing

A collection of Pop music with requests, quizzes and a whole load of non-sense.  

These Charming Girls

Join us for 2 magical hours a week of reporting all absurdity there is. We talk about news that are odd, weird, crazy, or eccentric, but most importanly, interesting and amusing (ooh, dem adjectives and thesaurus eloquence). All this PLUS lots of music! We play everything from good old classics to guilty pleasures, we just go with the flow (and requests!).

Tune in every Monday at 5pm!

Waiting for your messages and existing solely for your amusement,
I.e. Truly yours,

Smeleanor Smith from Grassington and Kaja Harton

Kaja does training sessions


URY Does RAG Courtyard Takeover

Join URY as they broadcast live from RAG week's Courtyard Takeover!

URY Does The US Election

Join URY for all the highs and lows, cutting edge analysis, and bland impartiality as we discover who is the new leader of the free world.

URY Presents: Jailbreak!

Join URY for 30 continuous hours as we follow the Grumpy Youngish Men and the rest of University of York's Jailbreak teams whilst they escape from campus to raise money for Kidscan. How far will they get?! We'll be getting live updates from the teams, tracking their progress and keeping you entertained along the way. 

URY Brunch: No DLC Required

 Join the regular No DLC team as we discuss and disect the week in video games, film and tv!! We'll also be seeing what happens when four people with rather different music tastes compete over whose songs to play through the only way that doesn't involve an ambulance: game shows!! We're bringing back the (soon to be) legendary "Stealthy Godzilla", introducing the shiny new "Broodier than Batman?" and much more!!!