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Izzie's Year Six Picks

Do you miss tossing away your Capri Sun and tucking in your flame t-shirt, before offering that cute crush one of your 50p sweets? Oh boy, have I got the show for you! Welcome to 'Izzie Year Six Picks', where I'll play all those classic songs from the crème de la crème of early 2000s clubbing. Grab your raffle tickets, pull up your glittery tights, and get ready to impress the coolest kids in key-stage 2 by sliding as far to the left as possible, and criss-crossing until you flop (or until your mum arrives to pick you up)!

Campus Criss Cross

Get to know the University of York by joining William King, who'll be broadcasting from a different mystery campus location each day of Freshers Week.

WK24: Campus Criss Cross

William King is rounding off three years of student radio with 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. Knowing full well he'd get fed up of staying in one room all day and all night, Campus Criss Cross is William's excuse to get out and about, all in the name of content.

Campus Criss Cross - Rebooted

URY's favourite show, Campus Criss Cross, created and previously hosted by William King, must continue. It's the same fun on the same campus, but with an all new host.