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The Film Show

Weekly show in which we dissect and discuss the very best cinema and a smattering of recent releases. With regular features on the history of cinema, special guests and a good selection of the very best film music.

Movie Talk

Radio Show for University of York Movie Society. We review recent releases, discuss various other films, play songs from films.

The Film Score

Each week, I dive into the soundtracks of some of the most well known movies, from love themes to action scenes, and talk about how they shaped that movie through the power of music.

A Good Bit of Kino

Kino, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning. And the Urban Dictionary defines it as flirtatious physical contact.

But those definitions are WRONG (if one was to proclaim as such in a group of linguistic experts then one would be most embarrassed and most likely expelled from the premises for causing a ruckus). But the only definition we care about is the following:

The highest form of artistry in the motion picture world.

This is a podcast that celebrates movies, flicks, films, talkies, features and every other corner of the cinematic world. From Lynch to Welles, Mann to Kurosawa and everyone else in between. Join us, your hosts Cavan and James, as we travel through time and across continents to explore the art and wonderment of the motion picture world.

Join us every fortnight as we taste and savor A Good Bit of Kino.

The Casual Cinema Club

Join Bethan and Ellie for an hour all about movies and the music that made them. Each week, we take a different cinematic theme, play our favourite film soundtracks and chat about the movies they're from. We'll discuss upcoming releases, films we've recently seen and probably our lives in general! We don't claim to be expert film critics - we're just here for a good time and hope you are too!


URY's Classic Film Review Show

Sound of the Cinema

Join me, Polly, as I explore a different film theme every episode, celebrating the singles that have punctuated the screen action. From chick flicks to Tarantino, I'll share the tracks which define the genre. With facts, figures and anecdotes surrounding each single and the movies they are featured in.