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Soundtrack Sensations
Filling your head with soundtrack music from film, TV and musicals. The show offers a variety of genre with special themed shows such as "Movie Madness", "Total Television" and "Sci Fi Invasion". The show also includes a run down of the latest blockbusters in the charts and reviews of films old and new with some movie gossip and fun film facts. So sit back and grab the pop-corn, you will be entertained.
What's the Alternative, Kenneth?
A true alternative mix of music from today and past decades. No music from the charts or music up its own arse. Bit of chat in between from its eclectic hosts. No fat chicks. or kittens.
White Flash
All things electro. Playing electro music thats spans the genre, and charts the new popularity in this exciting brand of music.

Playing all the latest hip-hop and R&B and pretending we found it first. Join Reece and Sophy for an hour of inane chat, poorly designed games and of course, some amazing music.

That Sunday Morning Show

Listen in for relaxing rhythms and equistely crafted songs like you've never heard.

Nothing but Chuuuunes

A fun laid back show playing a combination of current chart hits and new music (from both new and already established artists) with a few segments - hopefully :D

Pop Rocks

I've named my show Pop Rocks because I have a mixed taste in music, I have a love for any kind of rock, indie, metal, classic to any kind of pop we're talking cheesy 90's all the way up to nowdays' charts. If you have an equally mixed love for these genres then i'd suggest giving my show a listen! And for you Green Day lovers! - pop rocks and coke?

With that said if you're planning to give my show a listen expect variety!

URY Brunch: Journey Through Time with Ben and Jasper

Journey through time with your favourite radio duo, Ben and Jasper, as they attempt to condense five years of music into a single show. Starting in the 60's, revisit every major musical genre to grace the charts, interspersed with your favourite Ben and Jasper™ games and goofs.

The Daly Show

The Daly Show brings you the best new music from the biggest artists in the world. Giving you the best start to your day or evening celebrations as well as fun chats with guests and games to get you in the mood for partying.

Weird 10s

Join Charlie and friends each week to count down the top ten best songs in a highly specific genre

One, The Loneliest Number: A look into the Billboard Top Tracks

This is a show where we look into the top charts of every month and every year. Every week is a different year of a different decade. Join us and learn about the old, new, borrowed and blue music.

Alumni Shows: Rollback to the 80s

Each week, URY's very own 80s throwback David Hemingway dissects a year from the 80s, looking at the news, the movies, the TV and the music your parents were listening to - including the Top 10 best-selling singles of the year. This week - 1990! What? That's not the 80s.

Get into the Groove

An hour of funk, disco and soul music where the only criteria is to help listeners get into the groove of your week! Playing legends such as Boney M, Abba, Otis Redding and many more! We'll chat about how these funky tunes come about and where they went to next in the charts and in pop culture. So put on your flares, dab on some glitter, party like it's Studio 54 and get into the Groove!

The Friday Night Music Show

Tonight show is going to feature a range of tracks from new emerging artists, beloved pop hits and the leading artists in the charts right now.