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Building Bridges - The Road to Rock and Roll

Who said rock needs to be moody and agressive? In this show I play radio friendly, fun rock music in an effort to encourage pop listeners to branch out. With occasional theme shows such as woman rock stars only, or a celebration of great Guitar Solos, this shows ams to deliver a fun way for the casual music consumer to discover a new genre!

No DLC Required: the Expansion Pack

Join the No DLC team for a second show in which we take a more casual and light-hearted dive, further into the murky depths of Video Games and Films.

The Casual Cinema Club

Join Bethan and Ellie for an hour all about movies and the music that made them. Each week, we take a different cinematic theme, play our favourite film soundtracks and chat about the movies they're from. We'll discuss upcoming releases, films we've recently seen and probably our lives in general! We don't claim to be expert film critics - we're just here for a good time and hope you are too!

Upbeat Hour

Join Charlotte for an hour of the finest upbeat and motivational beats to help get you through the week! From Pop to anything at all - Upbeat Hour is your source for songs to put a pep in your step. Discussion may also be had...

Chats with Charlotte

Chats with Charlotte (and Co) is a informal show, where favourite tunes are shared, with some interesting conversations along the way. Requests are always welcomed and so is listener participation!