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There's Something About Nana
The calm before the storm - laid back chat and a mix of music, with Tim and Glen, before the wild wild Monday night out.
URY:PM with Sam and Russell
Calm down after a busy day of doing very little

Everything that's hip-hop 'n' happenin'. Except not just hip-hop and also probably not happenin'. Music of the 'alternative' variety.

(( URY Music )) : Bedtime Mix

An hour of calming music to help you unwind, brought to you by the Music Team.


Fed Up? Frustrated? We are! But we are here to help! Meet your Campus Agony Aunts!

Message in with your Gossip and Rants from Campus where Brandon and Amelie will offer the best advice on campus and share anecdotes, intertwined with some calming tunes 

For Jack of a Better Tom

Compsci freshers Jack "Call of Duty:Jack Ops" McPoland and Thomas "Keep Calm and Carry Tom" Burroughs try and fail to succeed at adulting

A Classical Bedtime

Isaac wanted (as a proud Northerner) to appear more informed and cultured than he really is. David (a pensioner) wanted to feel young again by pretending he's still at university, and to abuse Isaac every time he mispronouces anything. Will actually knows something about music, so tries to keep the rest of us in order.

Together, we will pick some music to play, and we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Gentrified Kebabs

Join Eylem (@itwslv) and Arcin (@arcin.the.pea) on their esoteric (and their maybe insufferable) radio odyssey, guiding your long day's journey into the night, cool and calm as a kebab!