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Broken Beats
An introduction to 'broken beats'. Music to dance to without the menacing undertones of urban aggression (drum n bass is so last year) or the pounding monotony of chart dance tracks (what's the point?). Trust me, you'll love it.

Delay No More!
Take an hour out of your day to have some fun, learn about music and maybe even move your body. Mike and Cherry will play a selection of upbeat, alternative tracks - old and new - designed to get you dancing round your kitchen and enjoying yourself. Hopefully there will be some bands you've heard of and some you haven't. With news about gigs, upcoming releases and general gossip, there will be all you need to find and follow Your New Favourite Band.
Friday Fun
danceable favourites of ours to get people back into the mood for university livin'! Paul, Ollie, and Introducing CONRAD!!!! how hard can it be?.
Transport your mind in not just 4/4 time. If you need a fix with electronics in aural form, our show has just the medicine. Sampling the rich and diverse landscape of the electronica scene and its sub-genres, we'll ease you in with some of the most hypnotic chilled-out beats and through out the hour step up the pace, leading up to the crescendo of Moo's Mix that will get you in the mood to paint Jorvik röt. If you want the best Muzik? - Then Hedfontik!.
Glitter, Bare Skin, Dancing, Music, Lights - URY is live from Central Hall all night with exclusive interviews and commentary - It's nice to see you, to see you nice.
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
The Bandwagon
Don't just jump on it, listen to it. Starting with one artist on the show, we'll then move on to others, which are similar, or relate - past and present, from new wave to Nu rave. Introducing listeners to a wealth of new music - broadening people's opinions.
The Music TourBus
Hop on for a tour through all the musical genres. Join us in our journey of experiencing a different type of music every week.
The Urban and Soul Transition
THE only stop needed for Urban Music in York. If you feel like dancing to some sexy RNB, grab a partner and tune in. If it is Hip Hop beats you desire, 1350 am will have them blasting out your radio. And for those who need a little Heart and Soul in their lives, THIS is exactly what your Doctor prescribed.
URY Breakfast: Fresher's Fair Breakfast
Warming up for Fresher's Fair, your chance to join YUSU's many societies
URY Breakfast: The Weekend Lie-In

The best start to your weekend.

URY Fresher's Breakfast
The warm up to Fresher's Fair. The best start to your weekend.
URY Lunch: Teenage romance
A show dedicated to a range of songs that can get you reminiscing about teenage romance. Music to dance and remember to as we share heartfelt and funny experiences of matters of the heart.
DJs Lyndopp and Z-nat spin some banging motown/funk to round off your Tuesday. Expect to be flung into a fanatical frenzy by a hand-picked crop of dancefloor fillers, sparkling joyful girl groups, weepy ballads and funked up fun times. Bring your dancing shoes...
Ellie Wright's World Music

Bringing you rhythms from all around the world down the the Radio Waves Tuesday 10-11pm on ((URY)) Pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes!

From New Orleans funk & soul to Nairobi drumming feat. London DJ duo and Perry scratching it up with The Orb, pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes and you'll be skanking, salsa-ing and jiggling your body into the night with the smoothest worlds rhythms in town. Growing from a collection of new and old, local and global this one hour treat is a bowl full of loving for all you world music lovers, a medicine to get those smiles as big as bananas before you fall into a happy and peaceful sleep.

David Maguire: The Difficult First Show
David Maguire is not a particularly funny man. However, since he does know what buttons to press to make the playlist start, and which ones activate the self-destruct system, we are legally obliged to give him a show. Features URY's new "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss fighting back against metrosexuality by giving advice on how to become a more manly man, and some of the weakest humour since (insert easy Michael McIntyre joke here).
URY Breakfast: The Weekend Lie-In
The best start to your weekend with James Brookes. New music, a look at the papers and fascinating facts!
David Maguire's Happy Hour
An hour of top-quality music, jokes and general link-like things from Ireland's 1997 U-7 Tiny-tots Cha-cha Ballroom Dancing Champion. Also featuring guest input from URY's resident "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss, who will be giving listeners advice on how to be more macho. Even the ladies. Especially the ladies.
at the alter.
Music show for Music fans. Introducing up-and-coming artists and playing cutting edge alternative music.
URY presents York Rhythms

Get Your Funk Souly Ska On!

We will be hosting a FREE live music night to welcome freshers from all colleges, with Ska, Funk and Soul. Put on your party pants and your dancing shoes and be ready to enjoy a vibe-ing evening.

Live from the Courtyard URY will be braodcasting sets from Leo James & His Band, Last Call, Copasetics and  DJ Rory Hoy with interviews and vibes inbetween. Tune in for a treat. 

URY presents York Rhythms

Get Your Funk Souly Ska On!

URY are hosting and broadcasting a live music night with live ska, funk and soul bands. Put on your party pants and your dancing shoes and be ready to enjoy a vibe-ing evening down them radio waves! 

Acts : Leo James & His Band, Last Call, Copasetics, DJ Rory Hoy.

Big Cheese on Campus

The music equivalent of a shot at Willow, this show revels in the music which is so bad that it's kind of good. Rather than gently getting you through Monday, I instead will attempt to get you singing along to songs you hoped you'd forgotten the words to. Perfect for not doing work to, Monday evenings will never be the same again. DISCLAIMER: Monday nights will probably be the same as every other Monday as the presenter has no control over the days or weather or any cool powers like that (even though he thinks he does). The Presenter takes no liability for any injuries caused by people suddenly dancing to any of the tunes played or the insult that this show is to good music. Terms, conditions and yolo applies.

O'Sullivan and Mawn

When North meets South, when two brains are worse than one, when laughter is the only medicine, what do you get? The show thats stuffed with love, the odd slice of advice and an occassional Irish jig strummed in between...Yes, you guessed it... O'Sullivan and Mawn: shine bright like a diamond.

The URY Panto 2013: Aladdin

Join all of your favourite URY presenters as they star in URY's very own take on the classic pantomime Aladdin. Expect singing, dancing, a dame, a lamp, a monkey, lots of ridiculous accents and a few jokes thrown in for good measure. And, of course, an appearance from our very special celebrity guest...JON LEE FROM S CLUB 7!