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Brightness in the Beyond
After more than three decades away from the URY airwaves, former head of classical Peter Aylmer returns to tell how he discovered at York the music of Olivier Messiaen, 20th-century composer and mentor to the avant-garde. No prior musical knowledge needed, just an ear for new sounds.
Sitting in a Room
Expect to hear new, challenging and beautiful songs/non-songs. A wide range of styles, including non-mainstream areas of electronica, rock, pop, avant-garde, sound poetry, jazz, world, drone, noise and anything in between.

A look at the history of alternative music from the beginnings of avant-garde classical through to modern post-rock and other genres, presented by The Nightwarbler.

Alumni Shows: Top 400 Albums of All Time

In 2013 the NME published it's Top 400 albums of all time, Stewart Dennis takes a delve into the greatest records ever made and counts them down. Tonight it is teh final 40 and the Greatest album ever made is revealed. Will it be The Fall?