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Alex & Phil

A fun lively discussion show about topical and interesting social issues with music.
Lie in with Alex and Demi
Lie back and relax whilst listening to the most random show on radio!
Lie In With Demi And Alex
This is the show to listen to if you want an hour of fun and laughter! We'll be talking about the everyday goings on in and around campus and our likes and dislikes....no doubt there will be a few debates!! =]
Stuck in the Middle
Alex and Bethany are now SECOND YEARS! Tune in to follow us through our year :) Takes requests (as long as Alex approves)
The Evening Show With Alex Boyall
The music is good, if I ever stop talking and play some, so grab some food and drink, sit back, and relax listening to your favourite show!
The Friday Evening Show
Staying in on a Friday night? Tune in for the hottest tunes and the coolest chat.
The Lie in With Demi and Alex
ie back and relax whilst listening to the most random show on radio!
URY Lunch with Alex Boyall
Two hours of fun, frolics and fantastic music! Whether late, working, packed, brunch, or 'dinner', enjoy it whilst listening to URY!
URY:PM with Alex and Leo
Two hours of fun, good music, features and chat (and goat facts).
Alex's Hour of Filler
Basically me playing music I like and talking inanely into the microphone until I go insane like Peter Finch in Network.
URY Lunch - Light Refreshment

A mix of music, chat, music, ducks and possibly a little bit more music. Expect rock, indie, folk and maybe even a little jazz every now and then. 

Alex and Anna's AM Antidote

Alex Osborne and Anna Henley wake you up and get your day off to a winner with challenges, laughs and (as ever) the most ecclectic music taste this side of Willow.

Warm Up to Tokyo

Selection of the latest songs and old favourites to help you through your preparations for a good night out. 

The Food Hangover

A collection of incredibly chilled tracks to help you through your post Sunday lunch food hangover or your post Saturday night party one. No harsh or loud noises garunteed.

URY:PM - Light Refreshment

Back and better than ever, Alex Light guides you through what has been going on in the past week in the land of music, news and on our very own campus. We'll take a look at URY's Album of the week and delve through the archives to select our own personal classic album of the week.

Get your songs played by contacting us and taking part in our playlist project and listen to some of the hottest new music from around the world and even download some of it with our free music recommendation of the week. 


A show bringing together the highlights of this summers festival season in York, in the UK and further afield, focusing on a different festival each week. From the main stages to the smallest introducing stages, everything will be covered.

Alex and Anna's PM Antidote

All of the fun and frolicks of our AM Antidote but shifted later into the day. Let's face it, exams are over, you're not going to be out of bed much before noon anyway.

Wake up happy with Anna Henley and Alex Osborne.

URY:PM - Light Refreshment - Glastonbury Special

For one night only, Festiv-ALL comes to Light Refreshment. We'll be taking a look at who you should see and where you should be at this years Glastonbury festival. From the Pyramid to the Gully, we'll cover as much of Worthy Farm as we can possibly manage. 

Hatter Chatter

Hattie Chatfield, with Alex Light, take you through a random musical theme each week that will never fail to entertain.

URY:PM: The SRA Selector with Alex Light
Brand new to URY is the SRA version of the British Council and Folded Wing production, The Selector; focusing on bringing the best new british music to the airwaves every week. Join Alex Light as he guides you through the best from around the UK but also what's hot in York, featuring live sessions with up and coming artists, interviews and maybe even a few prize giveaways make it your essential weekend treat!
This radio show is an SRA-affiliated version of The Selector and NOT the official Selector for The British Council show. 
To listen to The Selector for The British Council, presented by Goldierocks, please go to http://selector-radio.com

Light Refreshment - The Christmas Dinner

Join the team of Light Refreshment and friends for a very special Christmas dinner. Live from the house of Alex Light, join us for loads of terrible christmas music, loads of terrible christmas puns and even more terrible food. I wonder just how annoyed Alex's housemates wil get....

Cut the Lights

Alex Light brings you 1 hour of uninterupted music from the best in neo-soul to the hottest IDM all via indie disco hits. It's all about the music you want to hear but haven't heard yet.

Tune in, turn the lights off.

URY Breakfast - Light Refreshment

Alex, Joe and Jess decided that the evenings were just too late and what everybody really wants to do, is a breakfast show! Join the trio for the most fun you've ever had at uni before 2pm when you usually wake up.

YUSU Elections Results Night 2015

Join us as URY host the YUSU Elections Results Night 2015. With George Lane and Caterina Soave taking care of analysis of the results and URY's very own Harry Whittaker, Alex Light, Claire Thomas and Hattie Chatfield on stage revealing the results on the night.