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Bex and Bauer Hour
Grab a biscuit and join us for general noise, nonsense and a good ol’ natter. Bex and Bauer: bridging the North/South divide.
Its pronounced glass.
A nice hour divided between that music you forgot about and an insight into Taly and David's bubble along with a hilarious clash of accents.
Loose Connections
We pick a theme, only to evade and sidestep it for an hour, whilst playing an eclectic mix of semi-relevant music.
Channel your inner 90s kid and listen in for all those hits you used to know and love from your past. Anything goes here.
Retrospectre 2: The Quickening
Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s to accelerate to 88 miles per hour by. There can be only one Retrospectre! (Thankfully.)
Rock Revival
Tune in for a trip back to the 60s and 70s classic rock & blues with Carlos and Floris. There might be occasional 80s/90s alternative rock songs here and there!.
Slow Down
All the hottest R&B tracks from the early 90s.
The 90s Re-Review
Justin and Joseph look back at some of the 90s albums that have slipped away, and bring them back into everyday, modern life. Not to be missed.
New Morning

Tom Morello once said that ‘every successful, progressive, radical or revolutionary movement that has ever been seen has had a great soundtrack’. We bring you these soundtracks. Each week we have a different theme and movement, playing the songs that have provided impetus for change and given people a voice. 

URY Lunch with Maddie
Bringing you some fun ramblings, a selection of all the best tracks known to radio and with the potential of some special guests, join Maddie on URY Lunch for two hours of radio fun and banter.
URY:PM with Matt Windsor
An evening spent in the company of some classic chart hits and misses from the 60s to the 90s and beyond, as well as the latest in new music URY has to offer.
The Hip Hop Years

A mixture of fine beats and a tale woven across episodes of a movement that changed music – from its beginnings in the block parties of the 1970s to the golden age of the late '80s and modern day manifestations.


MASH is the perfect combination of Maddie and Sacha who are bringing to the URY plate a steady course of witty banter with a side of the best music around. Dessert anyone?

Awesome Mix, Vol. 3

A 'carefully' 'crafted' mix of music, both obscure and obvious, from the 70s, 80s, and (god forbid!) the 90s.

Acceptable In The 90s

An hilariously funny voyage through 90s nostalgia with unique games and chat, soundtracked of course by 90s superstars such as Blur, Oasis, Pulp, and many, many more.

Sick Tunes

I know that my idea of sick tunes will be different to your sick tunes. So why don't we educate each other?! Get in touch and request some 00s and 90s hits, or some more recent tracks, to perk up everyone's weekend! 

Bringing back some classic songs that are too cheesy to be forgotten. Tune in for some great chat and nostalgia with Clark Brydon each week.

Alumni Takeover: Marcus Pendleton

Twenty years on, Marcus Pendleton is back in York to relive his time at URY in the late nineties.


DISCussions is a show all about the music, whether it be old or new, indie or pop, I'll be discussing my favourite tracks in detail and exploring how they have impacted music and culture.

Have I Got Ouse For You

We're back! (Ouse's back, alright, alright). Tune in to Have I Got Ouse For You for dodgy jingles, dodgier music, very dodgy links, somehow even dodgier jokes and a somewhat sincere attempt to wind up the week for our listeners, now with a new timeslot - Sunday at 9pm. 

Yes, we started at 11pm and now we're there. I don't care what the others think, I want that flagship slot.   

Alumni Takeover: Richard Thompson

Former URY presenter Richard Thompson returns for a one-off special show. One half of the 'Andew and Geordie Bloke' duo reminisces about his time at URY and the university from 1998-2002.

Jen's Boom Box

It's summer 1975. You've got your flares on and a Harvey Wallbanger in hand. The boombox has just been invented and somehow your mate David has copped one. Van Morrison is blaring. No one knows what drum and bass is. Life is good.

Bringing you all the best bops from before Britney took over - pre 90s tunes only. Join Jen and Hannah in the golden age of rock n roll, with some spicy disco curveballs thrown in for a good time.


All your favourite tunes from the 1990s!

Alumni Shows: Smell My Cheese

Marcus Pendleton revisits the URY he knew in the late 90s.

Alumni Shows: Stuck in the 20th Century

Despite protests, Richard Hollingham ('88-'91 - years not age) returns to URY to play a selection of late 20th century hits. Mostly, 80s synthpop. It'll be fun.

Ten Tunes at Ten

Each week Scarlet will be playing ten new songs from her ten favourite artists, the songs change but the artists stay the same

Ten Artists, Ten Tunes, all at Ten O'clock- it sounds like a perfect Ten!